Run!Run Jamie!Pick up Kalli and run!"Yells Tom."Your coming with us Tom!"Screams Jamie in reply."Fine!"Yells Tom."Only because we have no time to fight!".
"Uhhhh,Where am I?"asks Jamie."Your in Kansas"Says Someone unknown in the doorway.
"Where's Tom and Kalli??"You mean the Strange little girl with claws and the Tall handsome man with the wings?"Asks The Man."Yea,yea them"replies Jamie."The girl is upstairs and the boy is cooking"."Mind if I go see them?"Asks Jamie."Don't care"says the man."Oh and my name is Billy I'm 16"."Hey,me to,But my name is Jamie".The man steps out of the doorway."Nice to meet you,Jamie"."He's very Handsome,and he seems nice"Jamie thinks.
"Hi Jamie,when were you going to wake up?"says Tom."Ha,ha I'm laughing so hard"says Jamie.
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