Tom,I hate to say this but you may be right"whispers Jamie."Darn tootin I'm right!"whisper yells Tom."Well lets go pack our things, I'll go get Kalli and Alli"says Jamie."Hate ya' big sis"says Tom.
"Hate ya' to little bro"Replies Jamie.
"Hey,Kalli,Alli,wake up"Jamie says while shakily."What does mamma want from us now sissy"
Little Alli says."Nothing Alli we're just taking a road trip"."But what will mommy think of it?"Asks Kalli."She said we should go,now hurry and pack your stuff"."Everything?"asks Kalli."Yes everything *** head"says Alli."Don't fight just pack you guys we dont have time for you fighting"Jamie says coldly.
"Tom?You in here?"Jamie whispers."Yea over here,Jamie"whispers Tom."Tom your the toughest
,Right?"Asks Jamie.Tom says Proudly"Why Yes I am"."Well I need you to sneek into Mom and Dad's bank room in the house and steal anough to get us by for a year"Jamie Whispers."Ok that would be about 50,000"Tom says."Perfect"Whispers Jamie.CRREEEEEEK!"WHAT WAS THAT"Jamie whispers shrilly."Shhhh"Tom mutters.
"Alli should I bring EVERYTHING?"Asks Kalli."Yea you *** head Jamie told us to"says Alli.
"Lets just pack,Thumb ******"replies Kalli."Fine Toe ******"says Alli.
Jamie and Tom step into the room."Ready?"asks Jamie to her sisters."Yea Jamie"Kalli and Alli say at the same time."Well,Jamie its time to head out"says Tom hiding his fear."Yes Tom it is".
"Ok let me go down first"Jamie says.Jamie does a double flip out the window and lands on the ledge."Ok Tom,You next"Jamie whispers.Tom gets his wings out of his shirt and flies down."OK Alli and Kalli Since your both part cat just jump down"says Jamie."You first *** head"Alli whispers."No US FIRST"Yells their creators.All the sudden Kalli jumps from the window and lands on her feet."ALLI JUMP"screamed Jamie terrified.But it was to late,They had grabed Alli.
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