"Mom..."I say staring at the back of the women who created me...She turns around "Jamie?!
Tom!!Alli!!!And two new friends?".I smile and give her a nice long hug"Now I know why I was created...Now I know I have a purpose...I will give my life for man kind".I start to tear up. "Good,Good Jamie." mom smiles "Time to create a new universe". "Jamie I don't thi...."
Billy is cut off when a giant wave a shock passed over everyone.Everyone drops down to the hard cement flooring.I had one second to look around the room.And the one thing I saw,was Billy's sister there in the corner alive and awake,or was she alive?
*2hours later*
"Jamie!Wake up!"I see a blurred figure above me."Ummm,is that you E..."I get cut off."Yes!
Yes!It's me!Now shhhh!".I look around and see chaings and restrains all around me,I'm wearing a white cloth as if I'm in a hospital.All the sudden the chains pop of and the restrains start to crack open.I look over at Ella (Billy's sister) her eyes are closed but are still glowing pink.Her fists clenched,her body tense,she seemed to be the cause of all this magic.All the sudden she stops glowing and the restrains stop cracking and the chains stop popping."Up!"ella Says."Bu-"I get cut off."NO TIME UP NOW!"She has a serious face.
I get up and put on my clothes.We run to the end of the hall and I asume that was Billy's room,but I wasn't completely sure.We run in the room and I see Tom laying there,not Billy.Tom wasn't as heavely restrained as me.He only had metal cuffs the chained him to a table."I've got this ella." I pull a pin out of my hair and pick the locks on his cuffs."Yes!Finally out of those death traps!"Tom says with a cry of releaf,he starts rubbing his rists.
"Now Kalli and Alli are gonna be the hardest so we should get them last,right?"ella asks.
"Exactly"I say impressed with her knolage.We cautionsly walk down to a sell in the basement.I pick the lock the billy's sell and we get in.Billly is knocked out so we deside that Tom should carry him.Tom picks Billy up,we run to the twins lab.They are chained to a wall with about five cameras,a barbed fence,and lazers that burn to the touch.ella walks right threw everything and the alarms go off.