Tell me where you found her!NOW!"I scream while pinning the strange man to the ground.
"OK,OK,Jesus Christ your violent!Did you ever think,hey maybe this guys on my side!?"The strange man says with a very angry tone."Cut to it,Jacob,I know that's you!"I say with a annoyed look."Who says Jacob doesn't have a twin?"He says with a smile."It's Highly unlikely,you are Jacob Gregory O'Riley!You,are as my makers described you!Handsom,clever,
sleek,and dangerous!Tell me where you hid my sister now!"I start teering up at the thought of my poor defenceless sister trapped somewhere in the main lab in Turkey.The man smiles
"I'm Jacob's twin brother,Amus,Amus Charles O'Riley"."Anyways your sister is gone" He smiles in a evil way.I punch him so hard his nose starts to bleed."Jamie calm down!"My brother Tom yells.I turn I had almost forgot Alli,Tom,Billy,and Billy's sister were in the room with me."I CAN'T,HE TOOK MY SISTER!YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS ON MY SOUL!I COULD HAVE SAVED HER!!!It could have been me...."."Jamie,did you forget that...I'm her sibling to?Anyways,if you saved Kalli,what would be the cost?Theres a chance to save Kalli,but you,well we both know that they wouldn't keep you that long.."Tom says looking at me with his dagger eyes."I know....I am no use....I'm not as powerful as her and Alli...I know we are just lucky that we got Alli out...Other wise they could have done a lot of damage.."I say almost in teers.Amus smiles"Well this is touching!
But did you forget that I know something?Well heres your answer.They need all of you,and with all of you they can create a whole new universe.This one is dieing,we need a new one to survive.".I drop him to the ground.And then I pass out.
2 days later-
"Jamie!Jamie!GET UP!"I wake up to Billy shaking me.He stoops down and plants a kiss on my cheek.I start to blush."Ummm,sissy,your turning red!"Alli says looking confused."I do not!"I yell.I look over at Billy and he's even more red then me!I smile at the sight of his red flushed face."Time to get to work!"I yell.I stand up."We're going back home you guys"
I say like a true leader.Alli screams,and Tom hugs her close."So it's a deal,home we go..."
I say....