Bzzzzzzzzzzz......I hear a slight noise and I open my eyes to see a gigantic lab.I turn my head looking around with fear striking my entire body,I felt like running out of the room,but I knew if I did there would be some kind of trap..."How did I get here?"I think with panicing.I grab my head and start shaking all over."Jamie?Jamie?HELP!"I hear my poor sister scream.I jump up and run over to where the voice was at once."Jamie?Is that you?"my little sis says,I look down at her and I atimaticaly think."What happened to her?".She looked shrivled and gray.I run over to hug her,and we embrace."We have to get out of here!"I say softly into her ear."I don't think so..".I feel a sharp pain in my back and then I see my sister,standing there smiling at my pain."Hey,sis I made a discovery"."I can't be hurt".I stand and rotate and show her my perfectly normal body.Her face shocked her body frozen,she screams for our mom/creator.I stare at her thinking of all that betral.And then...I wake up.Billy is shaking me hard and Tom Kalli and Elli are staring down at my with deap worry in there eyes."Jamie?Jamie?Wake up!"Billy says with a trembling voice.I sit up and then fall back down."Water,water..."I whisper.Tom jumps up to grab me some water.I golp it all up."Our real enemy,is not our mom and dad,its our sister..."I say,and then I fall over and sleep.
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