Do not read if you have not read chapter 3.
"Where's Mommy?"someone whispers.I turn around.There was a very cute little girl sitting in the corner."Mommy is on a trip,to Turkey.You know,that Elli"Says Billy."Billy?"I whisper."Yes Jamie"."Who's Elli?"."Shes my little sis,you haven't noticed her because she likes to hide around new company"."Oh,ok"."Billy?Can I take a ride on Tommy again!?PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSE"asks Ell."Ask him"."Mr.Tommy sir can i ride you?"asks Elli."Well certainly my young lady"Tom says in a oldish voice."YAY"screams Elli.Tom and Elli leave the room and take off into the morning sun."So where ya headed?"asks Billy."We don't know.Well we do know,as far away from our makers as we can get."I reply."Your makers?You mean like your parents?Wow they must be pretty ruff,to live with."."You have no idea Billy."I reply in a far off maner."What is Billy thinking?He seams so nice!"I thought.I found myself secretly wishing he would come with us."Well I suppose your gonna need some help..."Billy said."And I do know my way around the world from traveling..."."What are you getting at Billy?"I ask."I want to come with you,"He replys smooth as if its nothing.
"Well....I guess if we get Tom's promission and Kalli we might be able to let you come..."I say."OK,and one more thing"says billy."Yes,Billy?"I ask."Can Elli come?"."I guess she could but shes only 2years old by the looks of her"I reply."Its a dangerous world in 1983 and I dont want her to get hurt."I say."She won't,you have no idea Jamie,No idea....".
Well I guess chapter four is out.Well Billy seems nice and handsome and Elli seems like a cute little girl!But will they turn out to be what they seem to be?You think about it right comments about what you think they might be....I will choose one of the answers and it will be in my next chapter and the person who gave me the idea will be in my next chapter!PEACE OUT!!!!!