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    Default X Marks the Broken Heart.

    *Made by myself. Says MoonFlame as this is origionally ment to be on Wattpad.

    Part the first. Golden Opportunities.

    Chapter one.

    Spoiler: show
    The pencil twisted and shavings droppen into the bin. If this was how I was going to spent the rest of my highschool life, doing chores for the teacher and chores at home, I'd never get any spare time. I'd never make new friends. I'd never get a boyfriend, either. Not like I ever would, even if I wasn't wasting my time blistering my hands and crawling into the position of teacher's pet. Speaking of blisters, I'd gotten about two already, and I'd sharpened all of ten pencils.

    "Nearly done?" Came a voice from across the room.

    "No!" Shouted back my voice.

    "Well hurry up! You can stand for the rest of the day, if you want too!"

    My wrist turned faster and I felt more blisters form on my poor hands. Was it even fair to work a teen this hard? Sighing, I picked up the next pencil which was all ready close to being sharpened into oblivion. Slotting it into the sharpener, I continued willingly wasting away my social life.

    The class poured onto the room as I stuck the last pencil back in it's pot. I hurried over to my desk, pulling the chair back so hard it might have tipped over. Seconds later, the art teacher pressed into the room, her cup of coffee threatening to spill.
    "You've got your drawings, you've got your pencils and paper, so draw!"
    So yes, I drew. An hour later, I had a picture of some sort of demon. It wasn't anything in particular, just a demon. I looked like a mad hybrid cross between a gargoyle and dragon. It seemed I'd finished just in time, because at that very second, the bell rang, marking the end of the day. A few whoops were heard from the back of the room, but everyone else automatically got up and left.

    Outside, it was raining. As soon as I was vulnerable, a plastic bag hit me bang-on in the face. Angrily, I ripped it off, stuffing it into my pocket to put the in nearest bin. I slowly walked along the path, careful not to trip on any protruding cobbles. Yet again, something hit my face. It felt, and was, a very soggy bit of parchment. Parchment? I carefully removed it from my face, being cautious not to rip it. My hands slowly began to unroll. What was this parchment?

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    Default Re: X Marks the Broken Heart.

    Very nice. (: I want to know what happens...
    If I post in your shop please send me a PM when you respond. Otherwise, it is unlikely that I will remember to check back.
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