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    Default Whitelight: The Diary of A Dying Man... My Creative Story :)

    White-Light:The Diary of A Dying Man


    WARNING: The following story may contain content that is disturbing to some readers. Read at your own risk.

    Its been almost five years, but it feels as if its been so much more. I keep thinking I'm going to see her face one last time. I know I’m living in a fantasy, but the hope of seeing her gets me through the times of struggle that appear to fall upon me seamlessly.
    I am Seth Park, the last man alive on Earth, or whats left of it. My people left me here, as the war showed no hope of victory, they took to space in search of a better future. The hybrids, a cruel creature that dug their way from the deep dungeons of the Earth, know that there is still a man out there thriving to stay alive. Day by day, they hunt me, for the pride of killing the last man drives them on an endless hunt. I never thought it would become this way, when man was the race that looked down on the brink of extinction.
    The hybrids are a mindless beast, they walk on four legs and have a pale brown skin hard as metal. They have violent claws, razor-sharp teeth, and a strong tail with a strange bone-like point on the edge. They have one weakness, their skin grows soft towards the neck of the beast. A knife to this location will render a hybrid paralyzed.However there is no know way to kill them permanently. They have been brought into existence with a single goal, to hunt man until the last one falls.
    As my mind struggles to maintain sanity, I forget more and more about her. She had long brown hair, a smile that turned the darkest days into the brightest hours... But it pains me to think I have forgotten her name. How could someone that was so dear to me, become nothing but a mere memory? She used to be here to tell me everything was going to be OK. Until the hybrids took her from me. They have aleader, abnormally large compared to other hybrids, he has a large scar down the left side of his head. He is the one that took her from me. Somethings you see, cannot be unseen...
    We where running from them, heading towards a military safe haven, we had been traveling for weeks. I kept telling her we where going to be fine, that we would reach the camp and be under the protection of the U.S. Military. However, When we finally reached the camp, it laid in ruin. The screams of desperate men and women filled the air, and as I began to think all hope was lost, I heard a faint scream, “Seth, Help!" As I turned around, she was being dragged away by the very beast we had been running from for so long. I gathered my courage and chased after her, managing to land a strike using the knife my fatherhad gave me, cutting the left side of his face ever so slightly. However, all it seemed to do was anger him. With one, faint strike the beast hit me, rendering me unconscious in a single blow.
    I woke the next morning to a cool breeze. The sun was shining, and a distinct quietness filled the air. I remember thinking I was cursed,why would this beast spare me? Just so I could live to regret the death of my loved ones? Finally, gathering my wits to me, decided I wasn’t avenging her by mourning. I decided to climb a nearby hill, and as I looked over it I could not believe my eyes...
    The entire city of New York lay in ruin, buildings crashed, empty streets; not a single sign of life filled the air. “How could this be?” I asked myself. Is it possible that the entire city of New York be destroyed in my absence? However, I soon discovered it wasn't just New York. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh... All destroyed with not a single trace of life. It was clear to me the hybrids had launched a major invasion on the United States.
    By hiking, using cars along the way, and ultimately walking, I began to make my way west in search of someone... “Surely someone must still be alive.” I thought to myself. I cant be the last one left.
    Days past that seemed like months, and finally I reached the Western Coast. Along the way I stopped in various cities in search of life.However, I found none. Going two years without a single sign of another face, another tweet of a bird, another howl of a coyote... I had finally decided, I must be the last man alive. But, just as I had decided this, I began to hear a faint sound, coming from behind a derailed train... I moved closer to investigate, and there, a radio was playing a broadcast, repeating the same message over and over,the last major colonization of human kind was defending themselves from the deep jungles of Brazil. There, a group of many differentraces, including Americans, Europeans, and many other peoples strives for survival, and as a last ditch effort for the preservation of man-kind, where to go to space in search of a planet that could keepman, long enough to find a new Earth.
    I was relieved, at last I was not the last man on Earth. And so I set out once again, and in two months, had reached the border into Central America. But, as I make my way through Mexico, a problem arose. I had reached a den of hybrids, That managed to catch my scent. Grabbing my knife steadily, and hiding behind a tree, I awaited a fight. Waiting almost 5 minutes, I began to hear faint footsteps in the distance, grabbing my knife ever so tighter, I peeked around the corner of the tree, nothing was there...
    I was confused, I heard the footsteps, I saw the hybrids, where are they? Turning around I came face to face with him. The Scarred Hybrid stare me in the face. I waited frightened for what seemed like hours,and the monster had not yet moved. Slowly, I began backing up, and sneaked away into the bushes. “What just happened?” I asked myself. And as I began to gain my speed, I was stunned, no explanation came to my mind as to why the beast sparred me.
    I finally reached Brazil, and began a search for the colony. I spent a month walking carelessly through the dense jungles of Brazil. And to my surprise, I finally found them. I began to walk up to a large structure, built out of tin and reinforced with wood, the tin had scratchings and various markings of blood. Worried at the sight, I rushed inside, to find no one, not a single trace of life. I began to examine the ground, and markings of fire laid everywhere. Almost as if it had been scorched by flames.Then it occurred to me, I was to late, they had left, and where now at the mercy of space.
    I know not of what has become of my people, whether they have found life or death. But it is clear I must assume that I am the last man alive. I have spent too long in hiding, too long have I tried to muster what courage I have left from the shadows. If I am going to be the last man that has lived and died, I'm going to do everything in my power to avenge those that have fallen. This is Seth Park, and if anyone finds this diary, I ask you to strive for survival as long as you can, for I have captured a live hybrid and am working on finding their one, true weakness. Fight for your life, and do not falter.

    Please tell me whatcha' think! All criticism is welcome
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    Default Re: Whitelight: The Diary of A Dying Man

    When i copied and pasted this from microsoft word, some erros occured. Some words lost their spacing between them, and indentations dissapeared. I tryed correcting it by editing my post, but when i clicked save it remained the same... Sorry for the inconvenience :/

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