I heard the announcer in my office.
"Verta come to my office"
I walked to my boss's office. He said "Verta, i saw my wife's ring and it has a crack in it and if my wife sees it she will think our marrige has a crack in it"
I didnt understood why she thinks that but i nodded. I took the ring and went to my office. When I went out The ring was gone!!! And i remembered i put the ring in the example sweater i wore.. But now its shipped to Paris! My best friend and i pretended to be flight atendents to go to Paris. We went to the plane and attended everything the passengers needed... well not exactly... My best friend said "Get chu peanuts!" and throws then at people... But we saw a girl that look like the same age as us... "Your a kid.." "No." she said. "Dont worry we are kidz too. And why are you here?"
"I am running away from home." "Why? Dont you miss when your mom takes of your shoes when you go to bed?"
"Well why are you guys here?"
"Getting a ring from a vest in paris.." The Telephone rang.. It was from the pilot.
"Time to give the passengers safety song.."
We didnt know the song so all we did is rap safety things we know of.
A patient had a bad ache. I told the pilot and he stopped. "Why stop? Its just a tummy ACHE!" We stopped and then it was too long to wait for so my best friend said there was a driver that would drive us there. I agreed to go. We all went there and there was lots of baggages. "Ooh we fogot about The girl that ran away.. I hope she returns home." The girl popped out. "Did you though you can get away did ya?" "Cadance! Did you figured it out yet?"
"Idont know ... let me think.." It was a bumpy ride..
"Ow" i said to them.
"Well it was this or the Limo" my best friend said.
"Now you say WHAT?!"
"nothing" she replied.
We arrived.
"Well bye Candance... I hope you find out if you wanna leave home or come back.."
"Awe okay bye!"
My friend and I went too the place where theres fashion shows and tried to find the vest. My boss came cuz he found out.
"Mr. Why are you here?"
"I found out that my ring was missing so i went here..."
A girl asked if the ring was cracked. And she said she didnt have it, Her boss did.
A man appeared. "Are you look for a ring?"
"Yes" we all said.
He said follow in French. we didnt know and we stayed there.
"That means Follow in French:" He said and then we followed him to a castle and we been Locked.
Another man appeared. And press a buttoon and we all saw the ring. "If you want this you must make a dress that my daughter likes." he said
"Oh no problem! We are great at designing" we all said cuz we work in a fashion company.
"But she doesnt like anything."
She came in.
"Hurry" The man said.
We all made the dress and she never liked it.
I told her if you dont that your pretty you wont be. No dress will ever make you pretty unless you believe your pretty.
She smiled and tried on the dress. She smiled and said this is beatiful.
Then she said "This is a great bride dress i will marry him" Pointing at my too friends that rescued us. "Me?" My lover asked. "No. Him" she said pointing at my other silly friend.
He said " sorry my heart is for someone."
When they had a wedding. It was stopped my my other workmates.
And we ran and took my boss's private jet.
We saw Candance and she said "I thought about what you said. I do miss my mom taking my socks off. Now i am returning by being a Attendant here.
My best friend and i smiled.

The End~