Ok,so I miss my friends on FR.I miss Kaila,my sister on there.(Not real life sister) Selena,I miss her too.
So heres what we do.
Go crazy.
Be who we wanna be.
Dance,dance,and DANCE!
Talk when we are SO bored.
This is what I do when its boring."Selena! theres Katy Perry behind you!" then I make a run for it.
Talk about our days.
Put on our shorts and same tops then act like we just dont care.
Think about who would win a dancing contest.
Picture ppl who bore us dancing in a monkey suit.
Take out fish (weapon slot) and slap each other with it when we FishSlapSwear.
Pretend one of us is a mom,then the other two are the 4 year olds and ask for a car.
Annoy Dennis Spikebeam (He is the teacher) at VIP University (in-game school)
Play with our pets then go to Seaside and pretend we are falling from 5000000.000000 feet.
And thats what we do.
By Maddy Dazzlinggate
My Friends are Selena Shinysea2 and Kaila Dazzlingblossom
-----------------------------------------------Mr.Spikebeam gives us WAY to much homework lol