What Am I?
Chapter 13
Third Lesson!
Author's Note 3/11/13 – So the third lesson has started! I'm so sorry for being late. My word document kept crashing and I kept getting really angry. I think I managed to fix it but now I have these chapters to make up. Bah all this work. I'll live though. Now..what is this third lesson? Read my fishies. Read.

Urahara grinned. “Youngsters,” he muttered under his breath. “Well then Annie-san! All you need to do is try knock down my hat for the third and final lesson!” he yelled. Annie made a face at Urahara. “You want me to knock down your hat..?” she asked. Urahara nodded. “If you can Annie-san!” he replied. Annie grinned. “I'll just have to try and see if I can.” Urahara knew Annie's zanpakuto wasn't complete. It was in it's true form yet, Annie didn't know it's name. Urahara kept a close eye on Annie. “Shall we begin Annie-san~?” he said. Annie nodded and ran up to Urahara, swinging down her sword's blade at him.

Urahara simply dodged and held onto Annie's hilt of her sword. “You don't know your zanpakuto's name. It will be easy to destroy this sword.” He then swung down his zanpakuto, destroying the blade of Annie's zanpakuto. “Your zanpakutowill not give you its full strength unless you know its name. Each and every zanpakuto has a name. You won't find its name if you don't connect with it.” he whispered. Annie looked at Urahara, her eyes widening. “If you cannot do that Annie, I will have to kill you,” he said. Annie eyes were filled with shock and she began to run. I only have a hilt, what good is a hilt?!?I can't fight like this! Urahara ran after Annie and swung his zanpakuto around. Annie was able to dodge them until she got lost of Urahara. I think I lost him. Annie began to look around and then looked at the hilt of what was left of her zanpakuto. What the heck am I suppose to do with a hilt?!

As Urahara caught up to Annie and was about swing his blade, a voice then spoke. It was the same person that Annie encountered in her 'soul.' Urahara lowered his sword as he saw Annie come to a stop. “What do you think your doing? Why are you running? Are you afraid? Do not be afraid Annie-san! You are not alone. Your never alone! If you run away, you will age. If your afraid, you will die. You must not show any fear Annie-san! Now abandon that fear and face your enemy! Call out my name!” the voice said.

In Soul Society, Soi-Fong was heading back to Seireitei. As she returned she felt a presence of a captain. “Hitsugaya-taichou,” she said, turning her head around looking at him. “What do you want Hitsugaya?” Hitsugaya looked at Soi-Fong. “That is none of your concern Soi-Fong. Have you seen the intruder anyways? I sent my squad and lieutenant to look for letting me know if they found them. The Captain-Commander is also calling a Captain's meeting. We should better go. The rest could be waiting for us.” Soi-Fong looked at Toshiro. “I have not. The intruder here seems to be hiding themselves well but I will find them. I'll take my leave now then.” she replied. She then shunpoed to the Captain-Commander's office. Hitsugaya did the same.

The captain's lined themselves in order and waited for the Captain-Commander to speak. As everyone arrived the Captain-Commander began to speak. “We have found a piece of clothing here from the intruder. “ he said. Unohana stepped forward with the piece of cloth. It was what Ariana was wearing when she first entered Soul Society. “We yet have to identify who this intruder is. But, do not underestimate the enemy once you meet it. We do not know this intruder's power and abilities. Once we figure out who our intruder is, we shall take quick action. We will notify the substitute shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo about this matter if it gets serious and we need his help.” he continued saying. Hitsugaya then walked forward and began to speak. “Forgive me for asking—but do you have any clue who our intruder could be and who would want to intrude us at this time of matter? Also why would we need the substitute shinigami here if the intruder may not be a big deal?” The Captain-Commander then looked at Hitsugaya. “We will have 12th division take a look at the piece of clothing and identify who it is. We do not know who would want to intrude us all or who may want to but, we will be looking for that intruder and have a word with them. We will contact the substitute the shinigami if matters get serious. We will not contact him without having the information we need to make him come.” Hitsugaya nodded and stepped back. Soi-Fong then walked forward. “Captain-Commander,” she said. “I hope you don't mind me asking but where did you find that piece of clothing?”
Lieutenant Kuchiki Rukia found it lying around here in Seireitei and immediately brought it here. 12th division is currently seeing who it is and will let 1st division know quickly.” Soi-Fong nodded and walked back. Shoot. Ariana-san what are you trying to do? Is this the way you want show your return? Just what are you trying to do? Soi-Fong had thoughts on why would Ariana do something like this. Did she want the shinigamis to know her return? Head-Captain Yamamoto then raised his cane and then lowered it down. “You are all dismissed.” Each and every captain walked out one by one.