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Title: We're Coming.

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    Default We're Coming.

    It was a warm July night. In the bayou of Louisiana, Jake sat outside on the old musty porch of his dilapidated home gazing off into the swamp. The night got darker and darker as Jake sat there silently just looking off into yonder. Rain started to pour down as the night went on. Jake went inside his eerie mansion and sat by the window in his creaky rocking-chair. He turned on his dusty lantern, and just sat there. As he watched the rain trickle down the cold glass window, images began appearing in his head.

    The first was of an acquaintance of his who was banished into eternal nightmare for his wrongdoings. Eaten by the evils and injustices of the system. A victim of punishment and sentenced to pain and misery. The image of that man disturbed Jake, and he screamed as the thought remained in his skull. The flashing, ominous image went through his mind. Screaming in agony, Jake tried to erase it from his memory but it would simply not leave his mind. Then the second image came along.

    The second image was that of another acquaintance of Jake. One whom he had been good friends with for quite some time. That man was also a victim of punishment, but was given the second chance. Unfortunately that man showed no change. He was later punished for his injustices once again and was banished from society and all human life. That image started to flash in Jake's mind as well, and suddenly Jake felt a pain in his head. A pain which he had not experienced before. It would get worse.

    A third image appeared. Of yet another acquaintance who did wrong yet was forgiven for his sins. The image then warped into something much more sinister and satanic. The eyes were completely empty, the teeth grew large, and the image started flashing. It pains Jake to see such horrifying imagery of somebody who was such a close friend. His pain gets worse and worse and worse. But suddenly it stops. But it wasn't over...

    The final image was of Jake. Sitting in his creaky rocking chair with a sinister smile on his face. Just that. Sitting there silently as his rocking chair would creak back and forth. Nothing more. Nothing less. However, the image said something. A simple word.


    Suddenly Jake felt an unimaginable pain, both physically and psychologically. All 4 images flashed in his head with terrifying screams. The faces would morph, and become more warped. The pitch would get lower but suddenly become high pitched. Then all 4 images combined into one image and it got quiet. It was just the 4 of them in his head. The band of brothers were once again a unit. A group. A stable. Then the images disappeared out of Jake's mind. Jake just sat there in his chair as the rain continued to pour. Then, Jake got out of his chair and just stood there. He then muttered:

    "We're coming" as he blew out his lantern.
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    Default Re: We're Coming.

    These words.. they will forever follow me as I walk on the path of life. Simply beautiful.

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    Default Re: We're Coming.

    You made yourself a character.


    I actually just read the first paragraph cause I can't really read online.
    But that paragraph was good.
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    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: We're Coming.

    I like it. It is well written and it gives off a sinister vibe.

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    Default Re: We're Coming.

    Dun dun dun

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    Default Re: We're Coming.

    oi bruv
    dats deep

    u culd almost say it was... 2deep4me

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