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    Default Ways of the world~~~~a novel by Airious

    i'm going to make another type of story rather than mythical, just too cut time down when the free realms severs arent up....enjoy!:

    ways of the world,
    chapter one: spinning decisions
    part one: out of protection
    novel 1

    I though my mom and dad would always care for me. the way they tucked me into bed when i was 3.
    now i'd had enough. I was 16 and they refused too buy be fashion and music. I'd had enough of it all. I had no friends because of the way i was treated. I felt a tear run down my cheek as a packed a huge bag full of my clothes and stole a credit card and cause my mom and dad where millionairs, i snached 20,000 and put my soft toys in the huge bag. The soft toys where all i had. I put a thick blanket in another back, and took a months supply of food, as that was the only time i planned too be away. perhaps my mom and dad might miss me when i was away. As i reached the frount door i hesitated to open it. I looked behind at what had been my home for years, and found hidden under the door mat, written in a poem:
    the kid we thought was our own,
    belongs to another, not in this home,
    we knew we would come to this pain someday,
    when we'd have to throw our own away,
    the girl we loved, we cannot nomore,
    now this note makes my feelings folorn,
    wich is why i feel, this note is too be torn
    My feelings hurt worse than ever, i never would know who i really belonged too, i spoke to myself in a whisper, as quiet as i could go, "I will find my mom. I will leave a note saying i know i don't belong to them. I will find my dad. They are out there somewhere." And with that i opened the frount door, and stepped for the last time, out the home i had lived in for 16 years. yet what i did'nt know was that i'd only been living in that house for 14 years. that was when i remembered.

    hehe. Hope you enjoyed that. ill post another chapter when i get a few comments....
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