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    Default The Watchbird. (Chapter Three here ^^)

    Nobody will read or comment on this, but I like writing. You can't change that.

    Prologue - 1836

    Spoiler: show
    "And now, now we will preform the impossible! Tonight, we will make an achievement that will change mankind!" Metermophial Crogstim cried. Crowds whispered, their hands covering their mouths as they grinned at the man.
    "You and who?" A woman yelled from the crowd, a smirk on her face.
    "My charming young assistants, of course!"
    Two girls in bonny lace dresses cartwheeled onto the stage, followed by two young lads in the waistcoat of a Miraculous and Forbearer. Metermophial pointed to the two boys, and shouted out to the crowd, "Ycote, Ophael." Then, pointed to the smiling girls, he shouted, "Ilonatash, Rendial."
    Tipping his top hat from his head and allowing his frizzy brown hair spring free. A crazy, mad scientist look appeared on his face. "Now to attempt the impossible!"

    Metermophial drew a syringe from his coat pocket. "Rendial! Ophael!" He said, rather slyly, like he'd stolen an apple from a market store. They girl skipped forward like as if she'd been gifted a new doll, but the boy trailed behind slowly. "You have nothing to live for?" He asked them, not turning. But there was no time for the poor girl to answer - Metermophial spun round, the syringe implanting itself in the girl's shoulder. He pressed down on the top and the girl's mouth released a spine - chilling scream. Her arm exploded in feathers, her slim lips expanding into a black beak. Ophael took many steps back.
    "You're evil!" He cried. "Just go back to the underworld!"
    Metermophial stepped forward. "You knew what was coming, boy. I told you. You should have said no, if you wanted to die a painful death."
    "I said yes to fool you." Ophael snickered. The syringe was, the next second, on the floor.
    "You Forbearer fool!" He hissed, picking up the syringe and throwing it. Ophael held out his palm, and the syringe stopped just short of it.
    "I have magic. Do not underestimate me." Metermophial said plainly, sending a column of fire bellowing from his hand. Ophael sidestepped before picking the syringe back up, and sending it whirling at Metermophial. It hit him flat on in the chest, but didn't transform him. Instead, his face twisted into a snarl, and horns grew from the top of his head. His cloak changed into a pair of ripped and ragged wings.
    "The evil in you." Its voice had an echo. "I am your evil. Here to serve you." Ophael tore off his gloves and pointed a demonic hand at the Evil.
    "Kill 'em." He commanded. "And do it slowly."

    1. Watched

    Spoiler: show
    Lydia Nights sat in her garden on a sunny summers day in 1842. She plucked daises from the silky long grass, and when she'd gotten her goal of fifty, she began to make a long daisy chain.
    "Lydia! Come get your lunch!" Called her mother from inside their small house. Lydia had been so busy picking and threading daises, she hadn't noticed the smell of bacon. Lydia's golden hair flowed behind her as she jumped up and skipped inside to the table. A plate and a knife and fork were places in front of her. Their meal was bread, beef stew and a two slices of bacon. Lydia and her mother, Ida, wolfed it down in a record time of five minutes. After they'd eaten, Ida said to Lydia,
    "Errol came looking for you when you went to buy the bread. I told him you'd be down there as soon as possible. I don't think Errol will believe you've been buying bread for and hour and a half. How 'bout you go down there?" Lydia nodded, giggled, and said,
    "Okay, I'll be back in about three hours. We're working on something special down there. We've nearly finished, too." Then she skipped out the door and down the quiet cobble road to Errol's house.

    Errol opened the door, grabbing Lydia's sleeve. "In!" He shouted, dragging Lydia through his small house, out the back door and into the workhouse. Their hard work, the money they'd earned and wasted. The model of their picture of the future lay in ruins, shattered across the floor. Their time, everything, gone, wasted. Errol took words right out of Lydia's mouth.
    "Who done this, then?"

    And their answer lay outside. Watching sat the raven that had been Ophael Vestus.
    "Fools." It squawked. "They're luck I don't rid of them now. Possessing the power they do, they're a danger to us." With that, he opened his powerful black wings, and flew off into the distance.

    2. The Raven's Words.

    Spoiler: show
    Lydia walked home slowly after the long tidy-up Errol's Mum had ordered. Errol and her had not exchanged more than ten words after their discovery. Her back ached from squatting on the floor and picking up the shattered glass from old milk bottles. That of course, made her smell like very sour milk. She'd have to have a bath when she got back in, and Ida wouldn't be too happy about Lydia wasting the little money they'd got on another hot bath.

    As she opened the door to her house, Lydia let out the greatest of all sighs. Sure, that model wasn't the best, but Errol and her had once spent a whole two hours, only tying a few glass bottles to the side of a massive building. It was, for them and them only, as it seemed, a great misery, spreading throughout their bodies like a desiease. As Lydia stepped into the house, she began to cheer up a little. Only a model. There were more important things than that. They were alive, right?

    And as Lydia climbed into bed, just before her head hit the pillow, she saw something sitting on the wooden post at the end of her bed.
    "Lydia." It said in a soft but sly voice. It was a bird. A raven. And it could talk, too. Lydia yelped.
    "How do you know my name?" She gasped. "And how'd you get in here?"
    "Many questions. So many questions. Poor little Lydia." Then he began to sing a rhyme,
    "Once was I so innocent, once upon a time,
    A young child, just like you, then came my crime,
    And unto this I turned, my dark side,
    So along the path of evil, I literally did glide.
    Now I am here in your room. Offering you the chance to join me."
    If he wasn't a raven, he would be smirking.
    "You want me to be evil then?" Lydia never thought she'd consider it, not ever.
    "I had to make this choice once. A dilemma, I must admit I still have a few soft spots for children. Along with this comes some very...Considerable deals. Immortality - I have been like this since 1836. You can have some pretty nice powers, too. You can, of course, be human again. Then, you can use magic. Think about it, Lydia. I will give you a week."

    And then he was gone.

    3. The wrong Decision.

    Spoiler: show
    The next morning, Lydia was knocking on Errol's door before six AM. He opened it, rubbing his eyes. "Go away!" He moaned.
    "It's me!" Said Lydia, in a hiss-whisper. Errol wiped the spit off his face.
    "Say it, don't spray it." He tutted, shaking his head. His face turned into a picture of surprise when Lydia grabbed his shirt, and pulled him into the nearest ally.
    "A raven was in my room last night!" Lydia spluttered.
    "So?" Errol taunted. "Birds are getting into people's rooms all the time. Nuthin' to threat about."
    Lydia's eyes widened as far as they could go, before she dropped the bombshell.
    "And it spoke to me!" She cried. Errol just laughed.
    "Yeah, right!" He chuckled. "And I be the demon!" He laughed.
    Lydia looked at him in disbelief.
    "Then maybe he'll believe me." Came the sly voice of the Raven. Errol swung round, saw the Raven and fell over.
    "Poor, poor little Errol." Mused the Raven, flying forward and lying on his knee. "You shall come with me. There is evil within you. Use it well, youngling." Then, Errol was gone.
    "Errol!" Lydia screamed. "What did you do to him, you little pest! Rodent with wings! Give me back my friend!" She stormed forward, bringing her foot down, trying to hurt the Raven. He simply flew out the way, before flying behind her, digging his claws into her back. Lydia screamed again, lashing behind her. The Raven withdrew, leaving Lydia to fall slumped onto the ground.
    "Hush, my beauty. Sleep well. As tomorrow...Evil awaits."

    The scene switched. It was black, and Lydia did get a shock when fire leapt out at her. Walking forward, she saw Errol. "Lydia!" He gasped, running forward. "You were right." He patted Lydia on the back as a sorry.
    "There's two gates ahead. One's white and the other black. Good and evil." Errol wiped his nose and put his head in his hands. "I can't chose!"
    Lydia could, though. It was only if Errol could make that choice, too.
    Stepping before the black gate, Lydia could feel power. From the white, she felt nothing.
    "Destiny." She sighed. "Oh, fate."
    "Lydia! Don't!" Errol ran up to her, trying to grab the back of her shirt. But Lydia was already gone.

    All that was left for Errol to do was to sit and weep.
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    Default Re: The Watchbird.

    I am glad I was the first one to read this (: I love it! The prologue is very interesting and i can't possibly wait to hear more! ^^ I can't wait to hear what the name of your story means.

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    Default Re: The Watchbird.

    This was very creative!
    And I love the picture!

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    Default Re: The Watchbird. (Chapter One here ^^)

    Wow, that was really good! Keep it up!

    "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."


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    Default Re: The Watchbird. (Chapter One here ^^)

    I love the title, and the picture is awesome! Not to mention the writing! I feel like I know Lydia, and I love her =D

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    Default Re: The Watchbird. (Chapter One here ^^)

    Interesting. I'll have to watch out for more chapters, now won't I? =)

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    Default Re: The Watchbird. (Chapter One here ^^)

    Thank you everybody

    I will work on it...Since more people do actually like it, more than I actually thought ^^

    *Opens notepad* Time to make chapter twoooo ^^

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