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BOOK TWO: River of Darkness

Go here to experience Book One: In the Beginning!

There used to be four Clans: WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and ThunderClan. They lived in the same area, around a gigantic lake. However, a deadly sickness spread throughout the Clans, killing of cats one by one. The medicine cats could do nothing to stop it. The Clans were destroyed. Everyone died.
Except for a single kit.
This was Icekit of ThunderClan. Her mother was Ferncloud and her father was Dustpelt. She wandered aimlessly for days, trying to turn a blind eye to the dead cats. StarClan guided her every step of the way, for she was the last Clan cat.
Icekit eventually arrived at the Moonpool. She lapped up some of the water, and went into dreams of StarClan. Everyone was there.
"You are our last hope." said Onestar, the WindClan leader.
"You must make a Clan of your own." said Leopardstar, the RiverClan leader.
"Do not be afraid of your desicions." said Blackstar, the ShadowClan leader.
"And may BoulderClan live on!" said Firestar, the ThunderClan.
Icekit became Icestar, and recieved nine lives. Then she set off and found a pregnant she-cat. "Who are you?" asked Icestar.
"I'm Brambleeye. Who are you?"
"I am Icestar. Will you join BoulderClan?"
She did, and BoulderClan began.

So, its up to YOU! Will you join the best Clan of the cliffs?

[If so, please post your wanted name, status (warrior, deputy, apprentice, kit, elder, queen), gender, username, and a short description of what you look like.
NAME: Icestar
STATUS: Leader
USERNAME: cindycat101
GENDER: Female
DESCRIPTION: All white except for two gray spots on head. Green eyes. Black spot on nose.


Icestar (cindycat101)

Sparktail (anibeat75)

Ravenheart (popcornkernel)


Jazzsong with kits: Wolfkit, Bumblekit, Songkit, Marigoldkit, Blizzardkit, and Jewelkit

Leopardspot with adopted kits: Cedarkit, Brookkit, Beechkit, Lilackit, Noblekit, Woodkit

Skylight, from SnowClan, with kits: Sprucekit (adopted), Tulipkit (adopted)

Mistfoot (blueberry123) with kits: Willowkit, Nightkit, Larkkit, Aspenkit

Fireswipe (HorseKrazy96) with Firekit, Icekit, Oakkit, and Flurrykit

Frostheart (Dancingwebkinz1) with: Journeykit

Yewthorn (writergirl7) with kits: Firstkit, Beekit, Honeykit, Snowkit, Sourkit (adopted), Bellkit (adopted)

Mossheart with kits: Cedarkit, Brookkit, Beechkit, Lilackit, Noblekit, Woodkit, Elmkit, Plumkit, Sourkit, Bellkit, Sprucekit, Tulipkit, Gemkit, Beetlekit, Shykit, Slykit, Sleetkit, Hailkit, Dockkit, Strogkit, Metalkit, Sleekkit, Forestkit, Ratkit, Wrenkit, Twigkit, Tigerkit, Branchkit, Mosskit, and Lastkit.

Rosepelt (harrypotterfan101) with kits: (still pregnant)

Hopeheart (zirp) with: Rosekit, Wanderingkit, Moonkit (adopted), Littlekit, Snowykit, Lakekit, Starkit (adopted)

Icestar with: Rainkit, Clawkit, Midnightkit, and Desertkit

Death with: Venomkit, Dragonkit, Stripedkit, Raccoonkit


Cherryfrost (*Sparkly*) with Sandpaw (Firstborn96/BarnOwl)

Dewheart (Firefly) with Scarletpaw (writergirl7)

Pepperfur with Hazelpaw (Firstborn96)

Sunpelt (JakeODog) with Sootpaw

Stoneheart (KisaTiger95) with Snakepaw


Pebbleclaw (KisaTiger95) with Coldpaw

Grassblade (slothsrpeople) with Amberpaw

Frostclaw (i_heart_bshorty) with Rosepaw (Megan1011)

Dogstar with Angelpaw

Heathertail with Violetpaw

Nightwhisker with Thornpaw (anibeat75)

Snowheart with Sweetpaw

Lionface with Birdpaw (anibeat75)

Twigfire with Hollypaw

Spiderleap with Weaselpaw (southpole32)

Stormstripe (S.O.S.Star) with Fogpaw (anibeat75)

Barktail with Briskpaw

Rainflower with Northpaw (Firefly)

Maplefrost with Daisypaw (anibeat75)

Firepelt (DracoMalfoyLuv) and Applekit (writergirl7)

Blacktail, from LightningClan

Goldenfur, from LightningClan, with Poppypaw

Lightflower, from LightningClan

Emberfire, from LightningClan

Yellowfur, from LightningClan

Midnight, from LightningClan but originally a loner, with Jumppaw

Lilypelt from LightningClan

Snowwhisker with Bristlepaw (horselovr137)

Moonstream (horselovr137)

Whiperingmoon (DragonStar) with Minnowpaw (kittykitty101)

Cunningheart, StarClan rescued cat

Tallgrass, StarClan rescued cat

Crowflight, StarClan rescued cat

Mayflower with Peacepaw

Sunflower (munkee108 )

Rockyclaw (Tigerpower)

Mintpool (jaygrl)

Mudfang, from WillowClan

Berrystorm, from WillowClan

Shellstream with Treepaw (popcornkernel)

Lilyheart with Daringpaw

Waterclaw with Dreypaw

Darkfoot with Badgerpaw

Mountaintop, from SnowClan

Rainheart, from SnowClan

Frostfoot (jynx)

Sparkclaw (blueberry123)

Iceshine (BarnOwl)

Icemoon (raven6263939)

Mosscloud (Gnomie13035)

Streampelt (whatever09)

Flamespark (dragonboy4)

Moonflight (dakisgirls1)

Leafheart (Gnomie13035)

Frostface (dakisgirl1)

Mistymountain (Lizina)

Spottedheart (harrypotterfan101)






Silverclaw (zirp)

Firestorm (zirp)




Sparkletail (lulabell1219)

Peachpelt (khwaish)

Lightsong (shadowship7)

Thorntail (hyata)

Cinderpelt (Tonks22) with Whisperpaw (Tonks22)

Mapleleaf (Gnomie13035)

Wildstripe (cacoolcat)


Dreypaw with Waterclaw

Badgerpaw with Darkfoot

Hollypaw with Twigfire

Jumppaw with Midnight

Peacepaw with Mayflower

Briskpaw with Barktail

Poppypaw with Goldenfur

Daringpaw with Lilyheart

Weaselpaw (southpole32) with Spiderleap

Treepaw (popcornkernel) with Shellstream

Hazelpaw (Firstborn96) with Pepperfur

Sandpaw (BarnOwl/Firstborn96) with Cherryfrost (*Sparkly*)

Snakepaw with Stoneheart

Coldpaw with Pebbleclaw

Amberpaw with Grassblade

Sootpaw with Sunpelt

Rosepaw (Megan1011) with Frostclaw (i_heart_bshorty)

Minnowpaw (kittykitty101) with Whisperingmoon (DragonStar)

Angelpaw with Dogstar

Violetpaw with Heathertail (cindycat101)

Sweetpaw with Snowheart (Firefly)

Thornpaw (anibeat75) with Nighwhisker (Firefly)

Birdpaw (anibeat75) with Lionface

Daisypaw (anibeat75) with Maplefrost

Fogpaw (anibeat75) with Stormstripe

Whisperpaw (Tonks22) with Cinderpelt (Tonks22)

Brsitlepaw (horselovr137) with Snowwhisker

Northpaw (Firefly) with Rainflower

Scarletpaw (writergirl7) with Dewheart (Firefly)

Applepaw (writergirl7) with Firepelt (DracoMalfoyLuv)

Blazewing (shadowship7)

Hollyflower (Rriel)

Braveheart (writergirl7)

Iceclaw (raven6263939)

Thrushleaf (Tonks22)

December 28th:
Today, the main thing that happened is Shadowpaw dying. Yes, let's all cry now. Boo hoo. Apparently the plant that gave us water is the desert was poisonous! So, Ravenheart gave all the cats yarrow and they all threw up (ew!) but survived. All but Shadowpaw of course. Also, Thiefstar had another sighting of the mysterious Spottedkit, which is a kit that only he can see! If you want, search the front page to find some clues about Spottedkit! Aslo, before Shadowpaw died, he said. "Death can save the Caln!" Does this prophecy mean death itself or the cat Death? Another major event is that Dewheart is back. How? Well, Northkit saw Spottedkit in a dream. Spottedkit told her to rescue her mother, Dewheart, from the Land Between Life and Death. So, Northkit retrieved her mother, and Dewheart walks among us.
December 27th:

Um, today Icestar nearly committed suicide. Death stopped her though, so we still have our leader. Also, we have five new warriors! Finchwing! Bubbleheart! Tansypelt! Sparkletail! Peachpelt! Icestar made them warriors as a symbol to say that she still ran the Clan!
December 26th:
Today we coninue our journey to the new territory. Icekit and Lilackit nearly were swept away by a river, but they were rescued in time. Braveheart, once called Yadin, has misgivings about Thiefstar, and believes that he is still a murderer that will see to the end of BC. Now, Firstkit and Sourkit were palying on the jouney, and got trapped in a Two-Leg monster! And, also, the human shot at the cats, and Riverstone was hit. He died, and Ravenheart is officially the new med cat. The Twoleg ran away, but severely wounded Treepaw before that. Icestar is very upset about the death of Riverstone, and blames StarClan. Now, the sickness seems to have followed the Clan. Silverclaw and Northkit are very sick.
December 25th:
Today is rather difficult to explain. Thiestar was given a StarClan message, telling him to bring BC to a new home, safe from a sickness that would of wiped out the forest. So, here we are! This new thread, part II, is our journey to the new territory, and then we continue our life in the new territory. Now, question. Once this thread gets over 5000 posts, do we switch territories again? NO! We need to vary our reasons for switching threads. But let's not worry about this now. Just sit back and roleplay!

Warrior names for all kits and apprentices have been decided!
Dreyheart, Badgerclaw, Coldheart, Snakeslither, Fogstorm, Daisyflower, Ambereyes, Sootclaw, Birdflight, Sweetsky

1. Death can save the Clan!
1. All cats who look into Stealthheart's (of LightningClan) horrid black eyes see images. Icestar saw dead cats strewn across the BoulderClan camp.

Snowheart+Nightwhisker=Dewheart, Cherryfrost
Icestar+?= Jazzsong, Heathertail, Riverstone
Icestar+Dogstar= Falconflight, Talonclaw, Bearfur
Brambleeye+Blazewing=Snowwhisker, Mudfang, Spottedkit,
Brambleeye+?(a RainClan cat)= Pinefrost, Sparrowstorm
Rainflower+Lionface=Mintpool, Sunflower, Rockyclaw
Mossheart (exiled IvyClan cat)+?=Robinwing, Shellstream, Lilyheart
Mistpelt+Snowstorm= Stormstripe, Leopardspot
Frostclaw+Grassblade=Blazewing, Pebbleclaw, Stoneheart, Hollyflower, Mistpelt
Hollyflower+Barktail=Owlfeather, Springleaf, Mayflower
Pepperfur+?=Maplefrost, [-]Fogpaw[/-], Firepelt
Pepperfur+?=Honeyblossom, Frostfoot
Lightflower (LightningClan)+Riverstone (BC medcat!)= Ravenheart (popcornkernel), Mouseclaw, Dawnsky, Rivertail
Goldenfur (LightningClan)+?= Bubbleheart, Tansypelt, Finchwing
Stripestar (LightningClan)+?=Darkfoot, Waterclaw, Stripedstar
Emberfire (LightningClan)+?=Peachpelt (khwaish), Sparkletail (lulabell1219)
Jazzsong+Stormstripe= Huskkit, Badgerpaw, Dreypaw
Honeyblossom+Mudfang= Yewthorn, Sapstone
?+?=Mosscloud, Leafheart
Mossheart (exiled IvyClan cat)+?= Poppypaw, Peacepaw, Hollypaw
Runningleg+Cunningheart= Jumppaw, Daringpaw, Briskpaw (all five StarClan rescued cats)
Tallgrass+Crowflight= Cinderheart, Bluestripe, Ridgecliff (all five StarClan rescued cats)
Heathertail+Stoneheart= Coldpaw, Amberpaw, Snakepaw, Sootpaw
Sparktail+Cloudwing=Thornpaw, Birdpaw, Daisypaw, Fogpaw
Leopardspot+Waterclaw= Hazelpaw, Shadowpaw, Sandpaw
Sparkclaw+Mistfoot=Willowkit, Nightkit, Larkkit, Aspenkit
Fireswipe+?= Firekit, Icekit, Oakkit, Flurrykit
Frostheart+?= Journeykit
Dewheart+?= Northkit
Honeyblossom+Mudfang= Scarletkit, Applekit
Stripedstar (LightningClan)+ Berrystorm= Death
Yewthorn+Bearfur= Honeykit, Beekit, Snowkit, and Firstkit.
Mossheart+Thiefstar= Cedarkit, Brookkit, Beechkit, Lilackit, Noblekit, Woodkit, Elmkit, Plumkit, Sourkit, Bellkit, Sprucekit, Tulipkit, Gemkit, Beetlekit, Shykit, Slykit, Sleetkit, Hailkit, Dockkit, Strongkit, Metalkit, Sleekkit, Forestkit, Ratkit, Wrenkit, Twigkit, Tigerkit, Branchkit, Mosskit, and Lastkit.
Jazzsong+Stromstripe= Wolfkit, Bumblekit, Jewelkit, Blizzardkit, Songkit, Marigoldkit
Rosepelt+Spottedheart= Sweetkit
Hopeheart+Silverclaw= Snowykit, Lakekit, Rosekit, Littlekit, Starkit, Moonkit, Wanderingkit
Icestar+Dogstar= Midnightkit, Rainkit, Clawkit, Desertkit
Death+Firestorm= Vemonkit, Dragonkit, Stripedkit, Raccoonkit

A gray tom apprentice.
Brother to Maplefrost, Firepelt, and Frostpaw.
Son of Pepperfur.
Watches from StarClan:
Firepelt, Frostpaw, Maplefrost, and Pepperfur.
the dog who killed him
A gray and black queen.
Mother to Mudfang, Snowwhisker, Spottedkit, Pinepaw, and Sparrowpaw.
Mate is Blazewing.
Watches from StarClan:
Mudfang, Snowwhisker, Pinepaw, Sparrowpaw, and Blazewing.
RainClan territory
A striped tabby she-kit.
Daughter of Brambleeye and Blazewing.
Sister to Mudfang, Snowwhisker, Pinepaw, and Sparrowpaw.
Watches from StarClan:
Mudfang, Snowwhisker, Pinepaw, Sparrowpaw, and Blazewing.
RainClan territory
A dark gray she-cat medicine cat from time before Icestar.
Watches from StarClan:
Riverstone and Ravenpaw
A dark brown calico leader.
Watches from StarClan:
Icestar, Dewheart, and Sparktail
Small creamy colored kit.
Watches from StarClan:
Badgerkit, Dreykit, Jazzsong, Stormstripe, Icestar
Sappaw, for killing her.
Gray-blue queen.
Watches from StarClan:
Wolf who killed her
white and gray med cat
Watches from StarClan:
Riverstone and Ravenpaw
No body (she died a natural death)
Small brown kit
Watches from StarClan:
The fox that killed him.
Calico she-cat queen
Watches from StarClan:
Darkfoot, Northkit, Nightwhisker, Snowheart, Icestar, Sparktail
Twilight, the badger
White queen with light brown markings
Watches from StarClan:
Mudfang, Sapstone, Yewthorn, Scarletkit, Applekit
Pure white LightingClan cat
Watches from StarClan:
LightningClan cats
Noblekit, Icemoon, Thiefstar
Dappled brown SnowClan elder tom
Watches from StarCaln:
All SnowCaln cats
Noblekit, Icemoon, and Thiefstar
Striped LightningClan ex-deputy
Watches from StarClan:
All LightningClan cats
Noblekit, Icemoon, and Thiefstar
Gray ex-kittypet WillowCaln she-cat
Watches from StarClan:
All WillowCaln cats and kittypets
Noblekit, Icemoon, and Thiefstar
Gray SnowClan warrior
Watches from StarClan:
All SnowClan cats
Noblekit, Icemoon, and Thiefstar
White and black medicine cat.
Watches from StarCaln:
Ravenheart, Icestar, Jazzsong and her kits, Heathertail and her kits, Falconflight, Talonclaw, Bearfur and his kits
The human that shot him
Dark gray apprentice
Watches from StarClan:
Sandpaw, Hazelpaw, Leopardspot, Waterclaw, and Sunpelt
Nobody. Died of poisoning.

None so far. Just wait.

Mossheart (cindycat101): exiled IvyClan cat who likes to give BoulderClan kits. She gave up Robinwing, Shellstream, and Lilyheart. She also gave up Poppypaw, Hollypaw, Peacepaw, Cedarkit, Brookkit, Beechkit, Lilackit, Noblekit, Woodkit, Elmkit, Plumkit, Sourkit, Bellkit, Sprucekit, Tulipkit, Gemkit, Beetlekit, Shykit, Slykit, Sleetkit, Hailkit, Dockkit, Strogkit, Metalkit, Sleekkit, Forestkit, Ratkit, Wrenkit, Twigkit, Tigerkit, Branchkit, Mosskit, and Lastkit. She died after the 30 kits in the one litter.
Thiefstar: a cat who is not a leader of anything, but he wants to start his own Clan. To do this, he is known for stealing kits straight from the nursery. However, recent events turn out that Thiefstar is not a bad cat, simply a desperate one. He is also the last mate of Mossheart, so is father to Mossheart's 30 kit litter. Please note that he is not the father of Robinwing, Lilyheart, Shellstream, Hollypaw, Poppypaw, and Peacepaw.
Stripedstar (BarnOwl): exiled half BoulderClan/ half LightningClan cat. Was with WillowClan, but she refused to join BoulderClan when WillowClan became one with BoulderClan. Wants to continue her mother's legacy and rebuild LightningClan. Is now LightningClan leader.