It all started on that day when Tauren and Orc warriors marched into Stonetalon Mountains. The draenei offered a few paladins to help us. Silverwing Sentinels,Darnassian Sentinels,Moon Huntresses,Moon Priestesses,and Huntress Parvani came into the battle field. Battlescar Valley they call it. My parents wouldn't let me join the battle as an extra healer. Elune blessed me with the powers of the Moon to help drive them out of our land. Northwatch had also came to help. Parvani is my best friend,with long white hair and the markings of a bear. I,on the other hand,could be her twin. Except my hair color changes when my mood changes. It won't turn black,red,or brown. My markings change every day,so expect it to be mentioned in the story. I learned how to be a huntress,druidess,sentinel,priestess,and rogue,by the way. My parents are Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage,who recently came out of the Emerald Dream. The Cataclysm showed a path to Stonetalon for the Horde. I came out of the Emrald Dream before my father,now Stonetalon is in danger of becoming the enemies' base. They would be one step closer to Ashenvale... our home.

Chapter 1
I staggered on the way to my striped frostsaber,trying to get out of the battlefield for a few minutes. Thal'darah Overlook would surely save me from getting attacked.
"Get the daughter of Tyrande Whisperwind!" an orc yelled,pointing at me. I knew I would be caught and used to take over Stonetalon- but instead of fighting,I got on my striped frostsaber and sighed with relief as she ran up the narrow path to the overlook. I gritted my teeth and held my hand under my arm. Along with my hand,my leg also was badly hurt. Finally,my frostsaber came up.
"Please help me..." I whispered,nearly falling. I saw a hand,then darkness...
_________________________________________________________________ __________

"Wake up,Jaunie. Wake up," I heard Priestess Malida's voice. I blinked a few times,and saw Malida. Honestly,I had more than one best friend. She was my first friend in Priestess Shanda's class. I smiled and looked around,I saw Mother.
"Jaunie! I should have knew better than to send you to the battlefield!" Mother said,but her frown quickly turned into a saddened face.
"I'm fine. I was simply hit by a giant rock!" I protested,sighing.
"We'll be going once you can walk," Mother said,walking away. I changed to sitting on my bed,and sighed. I put my hand on a dresser,and stood up. Malida put her arm around mine and helped me over to Innkeeper Shadowvest. He smiled.
"Nice to see you again,Priestess Malida and Jaunie," Innkeeper Shadowvest said. I moved my arm that was around Malida's to my side. Malida smiled. I grabbed my staff and put it straight on the ground.
"We will win this war. And I won't leave until I'm knocked on the floor!" I said,leaning on my staff. Which had magical mushrooms now on it.
"You will leave,Jaunie," Mother said. I gritted my teeth,spun around,and shapeshifted into a storm crow.
"JAUNIE! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" Mother yelled. I didn't answer. I will fight for Stonetalon no matter what the cost! I continued flying and flying.

Until the next chapter...