|The War for Stonetalon|
Chapter 2

Today was a chilly morning,I half to admit. Even with a leather coat and fuzz on the inside,I was freezing. And the bonfire didn't help. The Horde had went back to thier place of whatever it is. And I-well,I was busy fussing over Stonetalon.
"'No' says the human in Stormwind,'it belongs to the Alliance'," I said,sighing.
"'No' says the orc in Orgrimmar,'it belongs to the Horde',"I said,and flicked an annoying fly off my shoulder.
"But nooooo. It doesn't belong to us!" I continued.
"It's like,forget the night elves! We don't need them,they're useless! But we brought the worgen into the Alliance! And now they want to leave us out of it?! How dare they!" I continued,raging on. I finally stopped after an hour or so. I was one of the less easy-going druids,honestly. Parvani was off doing whatever she does. Malida was taking care of the wounded. Heh,wierd word. And a girl,is she a mage or what?
"Um,miss?" she said. Her hair was an aqua blue.
"What is it? I'm very busy," it was a lie. I wasn't busy. I was acting like it because I didn't want to talk to her.
"But your lying," she said. I looked at her,dumbfounded.
"Okay,then what do you need?" I sighed.
"Where is this place? Can you direct me to Azshara's palace? Pleeeease?" she said.
"Azshara... Azshara? No,no child. You shouldn't go there," I said.
"Why? I'm supposed to be one of the guards," her head hung low.
"She's... a bad person," I said,hoping that would pass.
"How?" she said.
"Azshara created the Highborne,who are addicted to magic. They aren't good people. The refusal of the Aspects was because of them," I said.
"Okay,then what do I do?" she said.
"Hmm... What's your name? I'm Jaunie," I said,kinda proud to act older.
"Connet," Connet said.
"Connet,what a pretty name," I smiled at her.
"Do you have a class?" I asked.
"No," Connet said.
"Uh,if you want. I-I mean,I could teach you how to be a druid," I stammered.
"Sure! I'd love to!" Connet said,jumping on me. I laughed. Of course,that meant I had to get her a robe,a staff,and a bow. But I got them. Wood for the bow and staff,cloth for the robe,and a few other things to decorate it. Beads were on the waist of the robe,to match her favorite colors-green,orange,and blue. The bow had flowery designs. Lilacs,roses,daisies,all those. The staff was like mine,but not as tall. A vine wrapped around it with small mushrooms on it. I put her hair in two large pony tails. She looked cute. In a wierd way. But sadly,the day went by quickly.
"Jaunie,thank you for everything," Connet said,smiling. The first time she smiled a real smile.
"Your welcome,now go to sleep- tomorrow will be a long day," I said,and blew out the candle. During the middle of the night,the most unexpected thing came...

Until next time. Farewell!

This story contains no violence,blood,or dying. Simply someone being knocked out means they are not dead,just knocked out. When something hard might hit you. People get hurt,but it does not lead to anything very bad. They recover a day after hurt but do not die. If you have a suggestion for a character. Please make up a name. No names that people use as names or your username on here. Pick a hair style,make up a class,hair color,just PM me the details. I know people don't like this story that much,but I enjoy writing.