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There is more to the world than any of you may know. The realms are not what they seem. War is inevitable, as every outside clan, including my own clan of Haven across the ocean, has been angered by the only fully established clan, FreeRealms. I never planned on living through this, but I always seemed to be in the front lines. When the war was over, I was told to retell my story. This is my story.

Chapter 1
The Mark
It all started sixteen years ago. My best friend, William, and I were hunting on the outskirts of The Forest, where the biggest creatures called home. In our childhood, we were told of a story about a boy who got lost in the forest and called for help, but no one ever heard him. He supposedly starved in the forest many, many years ago. We were also told to keep a watch on everything, as even the trees may attack you. William and I never believed these stories, and despite constant warnings we went on this hunting trip.
“Maybe we should have listened to them, Kip,” William said as his eyes darted back and forth.
“Nonsense! There is no way anything could happen. Don’t you remember, we were the best bowmen in our class!”
He calmed down a little, and replied, “I suppose so. Still, I am a little worried about getting lost.”
“That we do need to worry about, but how hard could it be to navigate this forest?” I asked rhetorically.
“Well, you never kno—.” He was cut off by a low moan. We both stood still, as we were told to do in a situation like this. The moan began to sound more like a growl. It became louder with each passing second. I raised my bow. The small movement seemed to anger the creature and it jumped out of a tree and landed near us.
“Run!” William screamed. It did not take a genius to figure out that was the best plan of action, but then again William was no genius.
We ran away from the creature as fast as we could. After what seemed like decades, but in reality was only about five minutes, I wanted to get a closer look at the creature, and see if it was even following us. I looked behind me. It was following us. In the brief second I looked, I could tell that it was not a creature we had learned about, nor was it one that looked innocent. The creature had dark blue wings, which attached themselves to a large black body. The face looked much like a wolf, but it was certainly something different, something more vicious and untamed. It had red eyes that were set to do one thing – kill.
Although I was only looking back for mere seconds, it was enough to make me lose focus and trip. I tried to stand back up, but my legs were unable to move. It was like I was sinking into quicksand, and I could not get out in time. I closed my eyes, knowing what was about to happen. I waited for death.
It never came.
I waited what must have been a minute but nothing happened. I opened my eyes and saw a human standing over the body of the beast, which now had a cluster of arrows in its chest. At first I thought the human was William, but on second look I could tell that his clothes were mere rags. Then I turned my head to look at William, whose eyes were wide with fright and wonder.
The man looked at me. He walked over and helped me to my feet. He then said, “You could have been harpy meat there. You have to be more careful in this neck of the woods.”
I looked at the man. From what I could see, he was about forty and he looked as though he had lived in the forest his entire life. I finally replied, “T-thank you for y-your help.”
William came running over. “That was amazing what you did there!” he said to the man.
“Yes, I have had about thirty years in these woods to practice,” he said, holding up his bow. I looked at the bow and it was beautiful, meticulously carved with creatures and a strange symbol I had never seen before. I then looked at his arm and saw a tattoo of the same symbol. Just below that, a large ‘T’ was branded into his arm.
“What does that symbol mean?” I asked.
“That is the Symbol of the colony FreeRealms. Ever heard of them?”
I racked my brain to try to think about that name. Then I remembered. “Yes, it is a colony on the other side of the ocean. My instructors always talked of it with hate,” I said.
“They were right to speak that way. They are traitors to their own people. Do you see this?” he said pointing to the ‘T’ on his arm. “This stands for traitor. Almost all of the older people here will have this on their arm. We were all sent away on rowboats, told to never come back. They accused us of committing a crime we never did.”
“What was the crime you were accused of?” William inquired.
“We were charged with attempted murder of the queen.”
“Well, why do you have the FreeRealms symbol on your arm then?” I asked.
“I…I am the son of Queen Valerian of FreeRealms.”

Chapter 2

Training Camp
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