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Title: Vision

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    Default Vision

    Hi everybody
    I haven't posted a story in a while and I'm liking the idea of the one I'm currently writing..
    I know people don't read stories on here much but I enjoy writing and I can call it a
    hobby of mine
    please take the time to read them if you enjoy stories ^^
    Also, I probably have grammatical errors so sorry !

    I just called this story Vision but I might change that, it isn't a final title.
    *1 - Julia is the Hispanic version of "Julie" but you would pronounce it like "Hu-lia"
    *2 This translate into "Do you want cotton candy, Julia?"


    The air smelled of funnel cake and the unknown wonders of a carnival around Julia*1 Soto. She was passing a merry-go-round, sounds of frightened people and loud music drowned out her thoughts. The colors were bright against the dark sky and fireworks brightened it too.

    Julia was about to turn around and leave this carnival alone when she remembered the hand she was holding. She turned to look at her right hand; Pale next to bronze. Her eyes trailed the smooth, bronze hand up the arm and met grey eyes that matched hers. The eyes were shining like they were looking at a pot of gold, and the being the eyes belong to spoke, “¿Quieres Algodón de azúcar, Julia?” *2

    She smiled, “No, thanks. I’m not hungry.” What she spoke wasn’t the truth, though. Julia felt like she was starving but she wasn’t going to admit to it. She wasn‘t going to say the truth - that she wasn‘t able to feel and taste. Julia felt like the boy would judge her if he knew, and being judged felt the worst to her.
    “Okay, Do you mind if I get some for myself?” The eyes scanned hers in hope that she would change her mind.
    “Sure.” The hope disappeared and the bronze hand left hers. The eyes and hand belong to a boy she felt she cared for, but it wasn’t love. He was more of a brother to her, and she had known him since she was 4 years old.

    She decided that this wasn’t the place to be and thought about telling the boy that she was leaving, but decided to just leave instead. She would text him later.

    Julia wove her way through the crowded streets of Karma, muttering “sorry” to everyone she bumped into, until she was free of the carnival. She kept walking until the lights and noise were miles behind her. The air smelt musty here, and she reluctantly took in a much needed breath while her stomach reminded her of her hunger. Julia looked around her, wondering how long these houses had been evacuated since the attack of her city 7 years ago, and noticed how calm everything looked, despite the chaos. A lot of people were smart and took the warnings seriously, leaving everything behind in a panic; They left and lived, while many citizens died here.
    Her pocket vibrated then, she was getting a message from the boy.

    “Julia, where did you go?”

    Julia ignored it and started walking down the deserted street, and held her stomach. I have got to find something to eat!, she thought. She started to notice the deafening silence, and she started to wonder if coming this way was a good idea. She just knew she had to get to the other side of town before the local homeless shelter closed down, perhaps they had something left over for her.

    Julia walked a good mile through the deserted neighborhood before she stopped and noticed a shadow creeping up next to her. She didn’t want to look back, but she didn’t want to run either. What if it was some dangerous person hoping to get lucky with a young girl? The shadow stopped when she did too. Julia kept walking, and the shadow did too.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

    Savannah hated the smell of death and hoped the undead would stop whispering to her soon. She especially hated when one whispered in her ear, leaving a chill through her body, causing her to scream. No matter how many times it happened, she would never get over it. It would’ve helped her if she stopped coming to these graveyards but she had a job to do: Stop evil spirits from taking over innocent souls. She had a duty of dealing with ghost, making her happy that she didn’t have to do anything with Supernaturals like Vampires. Ghost lingered in graveyards at night, and escaped when someone left the gates open or they broke the locks.
    Her leather boots were dirty with the most recent ghost she sent back to the underworld and she shivered at the thought of it: A tall, slim figure with blue, glowing eyes, and sharp talons.
    When Savannah had gotten to the graveyard, the ghost was already trying to escape the graveyard, hissing as the holy locks of the gate burned it. Her favorite holy sword, Theano, sliced through the ghost with ease but shocked her when it hadn’t affected the figure completely. It had just split into two ghost. “Of course I would be dealing with twins..”,she thought.
    It took her a while but she finally got rid of the ghosts and searched the graveyard for other signs of awoken spirits. She was hoping to find at least one friendly ghost. They were usually the ancient ones, seeing that the world isn’t how it was in their time; they didn’t care for it anymore. But instead, she was being whispered to by beggers. Savannah heard the undead whisper pleads for help and promises of a good life for when she died if she compiled. Of course she would never give in to those type of ghost; It was forbidden to do anything to help a ghost, friendly or not. “I will not reply to these whispers. The dead can be fools if they think I will ever help them.” Savannah said to herself.

    She continued to stay in the graveyard throughout the night, yelping when she swore she felt something touch her or heard the wind rustling through tree branches. Only when the sun begun to shine and cast away the dark shadows did the ghosts stop whispering to her. There hadn’t been another visible ghost trying to escape this graveyard and Savannah was glad but she realized she had spoken too soon. As she was walking toward the gates to unlock them, she saw a small figure hiding behind a gravestone. She walked towards it and saw a lavender ghost with purple eyes stare at her, “Oh.. you found me!” The ghost proceeded to stand up and was as tall as Savannah’s waist. It grinned at her, and Savannah said aloud, “A ghost physically talking after sun rise? You must be ancient.” She hadn’t mean to insult the ghost and it hadn’t seem to take offense. Ancient ghost usually were a couple thousand years old; They could physically talk, withstand holy things longer, and stay in the sun all day unless weakened.

    The ghost giggles sounded with an echo, “Of course I am, Silly! Do you want to play with me...?” The ghost grinned again, and eyed the gate behind Savannah. Savannah couldn’t help but feel suspicious nor could she play with this ghost child. She had to send it back to where it had came from, “Tell me, Ghost. What is your name?”
    “My name is Addison. What about you?” Addison put her hands behind her back and suddenly, a tiny, bunny toy was in her hands. “Sorry Addison, but I have to send you back to your home. Don’t you miss it?”

    “No.. I do not miss my home! I’m an only child and my parents were abusive when we were alive. I slaughtered my family, and it was fun. Too bad my uncle had sense to protect himself..” Addison grinned again and twirled, throwing the toy at Savannah, making her drop to her hands and knees, and dropping Theano on a nearby grave bed. Savannah made a gasping noise where the toy hit her stomach, it was surprisingly painful. “What was that!” she exclaimed.

    “Do you not want to play? I thought we could been great friends.” Addison dropped to her knees, gasping, “That is alright.. I’m too tired right now.” She laughed wickedly while she faded away, her toy doing the same. Savannah looked down at her stomach and noticed her shirt was ripped and bloody. “Oh my goodness, my first ghost attack. My superiors will be disappointed in me,” She said as her voice broke. She started to feel faint and decided to signal headquarters; they would find her and take her home. Savannah pressed a red button on the front of her metal belt and lost consciousness.
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    Default Re: Vision

    Oh, my goodness. This is amazing! I love that Addison is some deranged psycho child. Will you write more?
    My time may have been brief here...
    ... but I don't think I'll be able to forget any of you.
    Thank you all for the laughs and the smiles.

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    Default Re: Vision

    Quote Originally Posted by QuanasTales View Post
    Oh, my goodness. This is amazing! I love that Addison is some deranged psycho child. Will you write more?

    Thank you and I like that about her too

    I will be writing more soon, perhaps next weekend

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