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    Default Unforgiven - A Story on an Unrealistic Future - By James Shadowman.

    Dear FRI, I wrote a Story Similar to this before. This is less severe, and will hopefully follow all guidelines.

    Unforgiven - Written by James Shadowman

    Chapter 1:
    Spoiler: show
    It was loud. The beating of my heart. It pounding like never before. I swore if it were any louder, the world could hear it. But no one would care.

    Where I live, I am called a Nobody. I'm just average, and anything less than that, is a monstrosity. We may live on the same planet, me and you, but the world, what happened to it, is entirely different.

    It all started several years ago. At the beginning of what is known as the War of 2012. Too many nations panicked in the face of a cold-lie. I live in a Country off the coast of North America, created by an explosion caused by a missed bomb drop. No need to get into semantics and details about how it happened. It just did. This new Island was called Sanctuary. Where people could be safe from the war. People fled to it from all over the world, only to realize that there was nothing holding the law. That's how the Union came to power. It started in 2013. It was to become a super power in 2018. The Country had its own classification. Everyone voted, everyone has the same rights they did in America, but there was one flaw in it, called a 'correction'. There were documents passed called the Elitist Codes. This seperated the nation into several factions by how productive and intelligent they were, and not going into all the details, there were three categories. The Homeless, the Nobodies, and the Everybodies. They were dubbed that way by the people. I've been called a Nobody many times, it doesn't feel good, but you get used to it. Also included with the Codes, were the Taskforce called EROP, Enforcement Regiment of Peace. They had an overrall say of what went on. They were basically a more brutal form of the FBI, and could make people disappear with no one ever knowing what happened to them.

    Again, everyone had the same rights, but you were catagorized, apparently this system was supposed to encourage you to do better, but all it did was make you feel worse.

    In this World, it feels like no one cares about you unless you were extrodinary. And that one day, I was.

    I'll begin at where I started, after the Elitist Codes. I was in 8th Grade. We didn't have much to study in the class of History, so instead we studied other nations instead, America especially, which just happened to be where I came from. America was facing an Economic Depression, caused by the pointless war to gain power. Not that I am against War, but this war was not justified by other countries, America got pulled in when it was attacked. Anyway, getting sort of off topic, back to school.

    It was the day I met Tarah, the girl I liked at the time. She was from Australia, which wasn't even at war, so I could never figure out why she was there. Anyway, it was my first day at school at Carington Preperatory, half-way through the school year. As I entered my first class, I was sat right next to her, and she greeted me with a smile. Being in 8th Grade, moving to a new school, usually people never want to talk to you, but this school was different. Everyone was there for eachother, and it certainly seemed that way until I met Jacob Flamington. He was the bully of the school, always in trouble, always getting into fights, it was a suprise he was never expelled. I made the dumbest decision in my childhood when I decided to cross him during my first week of school.

    "Hey Freak, get outta the way!"

    "Why don't you bug off!"

    First words ever exchanged were those words.

    "What did you say?" he said, trying to make himself appear larger.

    "I said go away." I said with some courage.

    That was when he held a fist up to me and threatened to hurt me.

    "You think you can tell ME what to do? Where did YOU come from? This isn't Kentucky anymore nerd!"

    That one sentence told me a whole lot about him. First, he was the big bad dude of the school, Second, he placed himself above others, third, he was extremely stupid, Kentucky? He messed up a Wizard of Oz quote. That's classic!

    "Yeah, I do, and if you have a problem with that I'll....."

    "You'll what? Huh? I'll give you mercy here, and let you not answer that. Get out of my face, and don't cross me again."

    Teachers were watching, but didn't say anything. This was a wonderful life. I got staredowns from other students all day.

    You still reading? Alright, I'll tell you more. My name is John. John Allan. Like Edgar Alan Poe's Father. My Parent's were fleeing America to escape the pains of the Depression, and they also got fired from their jobs. Now they are working as Factory Workers, maintaining and setting up equipment. They were payed very well. We were certainly making more than we were back home. 5 years later, if you ask me, I'm telling you, I actually didn't mind leaving all my friends back in Washington. It was a small town, and there were plenty of problems, here it just had a feel to it that felt comforting, where people were there for eachother. And not in a Hippy way, but more of a Neighborly way. It was like those times in the stories your grandparents used to tell you. "Back then, people could trust eachother and get to know eachother, and everyone knew everyone, and they would help eachother out, these days, you can't trust anybody", well, I think I know how they felt.

    The next day, Tarah and I sat next to eachother again. "Oh, hey John, I heard about you trying to stick up to Jacob yesterday!"

    "I did s-, Yeah I did." I said almost going off. I have somewhat of a detail problem.

    "Well, I think it pretty brave. The last dude to do that was pulled out of school after getting into a fight with him. He was called names like Scarface."

    Well, I didn't find that comforting one bit, and she must've seen it too, as my eyes became wider with a mixture of realization and fear. "Wait.. what?"

    "I'm only joking, maybe... sort of."

    Great. Me trying to be the hero might've just been my death sentence, but I changed the subject by asking,

    "What do you think of him,"

    "Well..... I don't like him very much, he's a jerk, and he is obsessed with me." She put on a deep goofy voice and says "Hey Tarah, will you go out with me? Hey Tarah, I love your shoes. Hey Tarah, nice hairrr!"

    I laugh and say, "He's also stupid too, yesterday he told me it wasn't Kentucky anymore."

    She sort of laughed and said "Well, that's Jacob for you."

    "So, what was your name again?"

    At the time, I still didn't know her name. I just knew her as the pretty Australian blonde girl.

    "Tarah, and I know your name already, so, now with that out of the way, where are you from?"

    "Uhh," I didn't want to tell her something lame like "durr, I'm from Washington," so I quickly said without thinking "Los Angeles, California!"

    I was giving myself a mental facepalm. Then she said,

    "Oh, that's cool, I've been there once! What was your school like before?"

    "It was pretty cool, I miss my friends, but this place is sooo much better." I said, almost adding a flirt, but deciding not to. (For you FRI)

    Later that day I ran into Jacob again, and he said this to me, "Hey Meat, I've finally found a punishment for you that will put you in an everlasting redemption."

    You had to be kidding me. Redemption is a good thing, a reward, redeeming yourself.

    "Alright" I said smirking, "What do you have in store for me? Are you going dance or something? That would be a horrid punishment, torturing the eyes of everyone.

    He tries to hit me and hits a locker instead. "OWWW!"

    "So you were saying?"

    "You are going to go into the Girl's Locker Room and get your stuff out of it."

    "But my stuff is ri-"

    He grabs the backpack and runs to the Girl's Gym, and throws it in there. "There you go, better go get it before class starts."

    I broke out in a cold sweat. What was I going to do?! Seriously?! Maybe he is more intelligent than I am giving him credit for.

    I run outside the Gym and bump into Tarah. "OUCH!" she says.

    "Sorry, wait Tarah, what class is next for you."

    "Gym... and I was about to go into the door before you slammed into me."

    "Look, can you go get my backpack for me? Pleease? Jaco-"

    "Oh, How Original, He's done that like 5 times before, and the first time it was done, it was done to him. It was the first time he was suspended. He dashed right into the girls locker room..... Luckily we weren't changing yet...." She said with a depressing touch.

    "It happened to him? haha...."

    "Yeah, wait here, I'll get the backpack for you, as long as you do one thing."

    "And what is that?"

    "Tell him that you got it."


    "It will confuse him sooooo badly. Trust me on this. K?"


    She ran in, and grabbed it for me, and gave it to me. In my next Language Arts Class, I actually had to sit next to Jacob. "How'd you get the backpack back meat?!"

    "I went in, and grabbed it."

    "And the girls didn't mind?!"

    "Uhh.... Nope. I guess they just like me more." He had the face of a confused mutt with a snarl.

    "Were they changing?"

    "..." I cut off the conversation there, as it was getting a little inappropriate. In Science, I had class with Tarah again. "So how did it go."

    "He made a stupid face and it curled up and sort of.... well, snarled?"

    "Haha, That's Jacob for you."

    As I got home, I realized I actually had a really good day. I felt great. Until I found out why Jacob wasn't expelled from the School. I was looking up something on the School website, and I saw a picture of Jacob and his Father, in a EROP Uniform. He basically had immunity, and a father that could take me out any time he wanted. Maybe that was what happened to the other kid who he got into a fight with.

    Of Course, I was just over thinking it.

    But still, I furrowed my brow and went into deep thought. That's when my Mom walked in. "How did today go?"

    "It went fine."

    "Meet any friends?"

    "Yeah, sure."

    "You OK?"

    "Yeah Mom, everything is fine."

    "Alright, but if anything is wrong, you can talk to me. I'll take care of it"

    Of Course, what Teenager wanted help from their mom? I wasn't sure why I was overreacting, but I let it bother me a little too much. Sleep didn't come easy.

    Chapter 2:
    Spoiler: show

    If you could do anything, what would you do? It was a simple question I asked myself one night. Back then, I would probably would've said something like "Impress Tarah" or "Get a Girlfriend". These thing weren't ever important, and would have no effect on my life whatsoever. The next day at School, I was sitting next to Tarah again, when she asked me, "So, John? Want to help me with something after school."

    Seeing that I was obsessed with her, I obviously said "Yes".

    After School, I went to where Tarah told me to go to, and found her talking to a girl known as Jean Walters. Everyone knew that she was tough. She got in trouble too, like Jacob. Black Hair, Average Height, and Bright Shining Green Eyes, that gave off a glow that made her look even more mischevious than she already was. I actually wondered why Tarah would talk to her.

    "Errr?" I asked in confusion.

    "John, this is Jean, she hates Jacob too, and also isn't afraid to break a few rules."

    "Soo, what are you planning on doing exactly?"

    "Spray Painting his car Pink."

    "Jacob has a Car?!"

    "His Father is an EROP Officer" Jean explained, then paused, and said "I know this because well, you know, well, with his father with the Government, he's able to own a car."

    I then thought and asked, "But if his father is an officer....? How will he react?"

    "Leave that to me." She said with a grin. She was hiding something, but I wasn't about to go mess with her to find out.

    After Jacob's car was Entirely Pink, I made a template of a heart on Notebook paper, and added little yellow hearts all over his car. The task only took about 10 minutes, and Jean seemed to know how to get Paint to dry quickly, like she was experienced with it. But it was more than that, she seemed to what to mix and how they worked.

    We hid behind some bushes and watched Jacob leave the school. It took him several minutes to realize the painted car was really his, and then came the obscenities. We were careful not to laugh. Tarah pulled out her phone and recorded it.

    He then got in his car and slammed the door shut. And drove out as recklessly as he could. Jean was the first to leave the bushes. "That was fun. Next time you want to prank Jared, just find me."

    When she walked away I finally said, "She's nicer than I thought she would be."

    "She's a Rebel, not a Bully. That's why she hates Jacob, she keeps getting confused with what he is."

    "What's the worst thing she's ever done?"

    "Well the worst thing she has been confirmed to have done was put Super-glue on the Principals butt."

    "So he got glued to his seat?"

    "You wish! That was the plan, so that he couldn't go to the Assemly we had, but he walked in, and he obviously hadn't sat down, but at one point in the assembly, he decided to scratch his butt, and then his hand got stuck to it, and then all we saw him do was grunt and struggle with his hand and butt. It was hilarious."

    I laughed. Jean was a rebel, but not a jerk.

    The next day, I saw her again, and I decided to try and sit next to her.

    "Why are you over here?" She asked me, she appeared to be cautious.

    "I just wanted to talk to you...?"

    "Dude. I usual-, fine. But this is the first time we've ever seen eachother, K?"

    "Alright...?" confused, then realized what she was saying . She knew Jacob and me were enemies, and Me + Her + Car = Likely Story.

    "So, John, How're you liking this school?" She asked.

    "Oh, well, It's fine. I miss my friends back where I lived."

    "Hm..." After that, all she did was give a distant stare. "....."

    "You OK?"

    "Hmm? Oh, Yeah, I'm fine......" she said.

    She was spaced out. That was obvious. Maybe she wasn't as tough as she seemed. Maybe this was an act. Maybe she missed her friends. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this.

    Then I asked her, "So, where's your work?"

    "Hrmm? Oh uh.... I decided that I'm not going to do it."

    "Really?" I asked in amazement. Even Rebels don't want to flunk out.

    "Yeah, I'm tired of school, so yeah."

    The teacher walked up to Jean and then said "Jean, I think I've actually run out of work for you for the day."

    Jean just froze up. She seemed embarassed. Then the teacher left.

    "Soo.... You actually finished it all?"

    "Yeah, I just answered random answers," she said desperately, trying to hide something.

    I didn't believe it for a second. "Look... if there is something you are hiding it's ok. But I think that you did the work, and you are smarter than you are letting it appear."

    She scowled a little, then frowned and said in a weak voice, "....Well... I just....", then she toughened it up and said, "If you tease me about it you'll be superglued to the ceiling, Face first."

    I tried to refrain from laughing, because I found her threat sort of funny, not because she was smart. Then I finished my work and turned it in, then she asked me, "Do you want to cut class?"

    Because it would allow me to ask her some stuff that I didn't want other people to overhear, and we had a little more than an hour left, I went ahead and said yes.

    As the teacher dismissed us, she pulled me out of the line and she requested that I follow her, and that she had something to show me. I followed her, to a courtyard that I've never seen before. Apparently it was set up by fundraisers, and was a gift to the upper-classmen who went to a school connected to ours. It had a warm golden glow coming in from the sun, and trees, and a fountain in the middle of it, surrounded by stone bricks. It was actually quite... well, beautiful.

    "This is nice...." I said admiring the view.

    "It's where I come when I'm skipping class. The teachers never report it because my work is always done.... but I'll get in trouble if I am SEEN sneaking out. Weird huh?"

    "Yeah.... what is with teachers these days." I say jokingly.

    "Shut it."

    "Anyway, may I ask you a question?"

    "Sure, but my answer may not be the answer you want to hear."

    "Alright... well, erm.. I.... was wondering if you could give me ad-"

    "You like Tarah, and you want help getting her interested in you?" (( Don't worry, no romance ))

    "Yeah, but more on ad-"

    "The lines of Advice? Alright... but trust me, obsessing over her will only tear you apart... she tends to disappoint a lot of people."

    "Alright.... can I please hve that advice now?"

    I was wanting to know this information she had, and how she knew what I wanted. Was I THAT obvious?

    "Noo, no, you were just.... well...... I can see things." She said calmly. "Most girls like guys who aren't jerks, especially to them. You aren't one. They like guys who stick up for themselves and other people. You do that. They like people who don't freak out. I haven't seen you do that. They like guys who can take a joke. Well, you'll work on it, maybe."


    "Nevermind, and they like guys who know when to back off, otherwise known as sensitive, but not cry-baby sensitive, I mean the kind where a guy sensitive to a girl's needs, and doesn't try to take everything like a man and tough it out and actually let the girl into his mind. And they also like guys who are good listeners, and they like guys who blahblahblahblah"

    After awhile, it seemed like she was just droning on, and I couldn't understand what she was saying. I learned something new that day. Girls, despite what they say, are picky about guys, and they are very, very complex. And they don't shut up when you ask them a question. (( Humour purposes. Yes, I put a U in there, because Humor is funnier with you added in it ))

    It was alot to chew on, but I was glad we talked. I think I have a new friend.

    Chapter 3:
    Spoiler: show

    Have you ever had your heart broken? Torn to pieces? Making you want to ball up in self-pity and perhaps even cry? Hurting, and for some reason, you don't want anyone to help you. I know that feeling.

    Those few months of my life were probably the worst. The months where I became a Nobody. The months that made me a Somebody. And the months that made even my parents dread my existence.

    It began with Tarah. Always with Tarah. I wanted to impress her. It was nearing the end of the year anyway, and I promised to myself that I would do something amazing. My best and worst mistake I ever made.

    I realized that I would have to impress someone much higher in the world to impress her the way I wanted to. That's when I went to DART. Defense and Researching Technology. If I impressed them, I could score a position working for them. I signed myself up for testing. I remember it clearly. Lady at the front desk, asking if I lost my Mother. Smell of fresh-brewed Coffee. Fan chopping the Air overhead. She seemed shocked, but then let me sign up even though I was a minor. There were no rules against it anyway.

    The day after school after signing up, Jean approached me and slammed my locker shut. "What the heck are you doing?!"

    "Erm.... I am getting my stuff out of my locker?" I said startled.

    "No, I mean DART. What were you thinking? Do you know what they do there?"

    "How did you find out? I haven't told anyone. Are you following me?"

    "I AM NOT FOLLOWING YOU! I just, I have my ways."

    Not convinced, I asked, "And what might these ways be?"

    "..." She didn't respond. I left her in silence. Not a Word.

    My first day at DART, they planted a small chip in my head. They called it the "Memory Lock", which would take all Memories that I had from testing and store them on the Chip, and once I was outside of the Facility, I would have no memory of anything that went on, until I re-entered the facility, keeping their secrets and me safe.

    My next day at the Facility, they got me into the field of Telepathy, trying to get me to control things with my mind. Nothing worked. No one else ever accomplished either. After days of nothing, they started developing the Bita-Braces. Just for me. They told me the Braces could be used to channel my energy into, and they would reinforce my 'powers'. I didn't believe that it would work, but I tried anyway. days after days, nothing worked. They told me I wasn't trying hard enough. They started punishing me. After days of this, I became angry, and I couldn't do anything about it. If I threatened to leave, I wouldn't remember, and then come back the next day. I became furious. They were trying to get me to move a brick across the room with these braces and my mind. A man walked into the room to yell at me again. I focused all my energy into balling my hand into a fist, and thats when my braces went insane. I looked at them and laughed. As if this was ever going to work, but I decided to try it anyway. I held my palm out, and thrust it backward, causing the brick to fly backwards and knock the man outcold. It was satisfying. An attendant ran in the room and congratulated me.

    After more testing, they offered me a position to work for them. As an Employee. They just wanted to milk out my 'powers'. The days grew longer, testing became more strenuous but it was worth it. Tarah seemed impressed with my position in the world. Jean just seemed more upset.

    Then it became that day. The day that changed my life. They wanted to use me as a weapon, to end the war, and to make the country a 'superpower'. I tried to turn it down. But they messed up talking to me while I still had the braces. I made the door combust and I ran out. After a few twists, I ended up in another project room, that contained a Generator looking object. They fired a shock-shell at me, which stuck to the target and put out a couple hundred watts of energy. I went flying back into the device, and it put out even more energy, fusing the braces to my skin. The device and the braces interacted, mutating me into something else. I still looked human, but I felt something new inside of me.

    "You'll never get away John. Remember the chip?"

    That chip was fried. Actually, it was fused with my brain. The chip seemed to be a part of me, to have a mind of it's own. It whispered to me, "Concentrate your power. Make your power real. Make an orb." Instinctively, I did this, following the voices instructions. "Now fry them". Knowing that I can't say that they didn't deserve, I still couldn't do it. I threw the orb at the wall, and it created a hole large enough for me to escape through. And I ran.

    Suprisingly, I wasn't found on the news at all. DART didn't release it. They were afraid that they would get blamed for any destruction I would do, so they decided to keep it all a secret, soon to even deny they knew about me.

    I practiced with these newfound powers, making orbs and throwing them at practice dummies. They also made me stronger, allowing me to lift heavy objects with ease. I was becoming a freak. Tarah seemed to not be surprised by the braces at all, even calm with them. I still kept the powers a secret. Because if they got out, I would get harrased by almost everyone. That's exactly how Jean found out. She knew I wasn't saying something, so she watched me head home one day. I was experimenting to see if my old powers still existed. They did. She came out of the Shadow and forced me against a wall. "What the heck John?! Why do you still have those? Don't they erase your mind first? Or something? You escaped didn't you.. Oh god, you're in trouble."


    "I knew this was all trouble. I warned you. Now look at you.... tell me what happened. Now!"

    "Tell me how you knew I was testing for them before I announced it." I demanded.

    "It doe-"

    "It does! How did you know!"

    "My dad. Alright? He works for EROP."

    It explained some things about her. Why she wasn't worried about the car, how she knew about some things.

    Then I heard the voice again. "John..... get away from her..... she'll turn you in. She thinks you are a freak. Look at how is treating you....! She'll try to have your powers removed!"

    I grasped my forehead. It hurt. This chip. "No...."


    "She is freaked out by you. Look at her reaction. But I know who's reaction you'd LOVE to see. Jacob's."

    I grinned at the thought. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea.


    "What now?" I said to her.

    "Listen to me. I know what you're thinking. Don't get tempted to use your powers on him. I see that look in your eye. Don't do it. You are better than that. You can use these powers for something more useful than beating up a bully."

    "Like what?"

    "Saving people. Stopping crime."

    "Ohh, so you want me to become some kind of superhero."

    "Exactly. John, you have a gift. Don't use it for something evil. Please."

    "They were going to use me as a weapon. What if EROP caught sight of it and decided to use me themselves."

    "Using it for evil will boost the chances of that. Especially with my FATHER in it."

    "...Alright, what do you expect me to do?"

    "My father caught wind of a terrorist threat in the Metroplex. Something about an Accelerator of some sort. I want you to try to help out and get rid of it."

    That was right before I was a nobody.

    Chapter 4:
    Spoiler: show

    It was a Saturday. Jean gave me her number. I bought myself a phone just to talk to her. In a way, she was controlling me. If I didn't do what she said, I would be taken away. If I did, she would do everything in her power to make sure that didn't happen.

    She called me.

    "John, they have gotten a lead on the location of the Accelerator. On your Phone look up the Eisenhower Building and it should take you right to it. Stay clear of any EROP officers until you handle this, they'll arrest you on the spot for interfering. And also, be careful."

    Click. That's when it all began. I was able to get into it quite easily. Finding my way into the same room as the Accelerator. I heard the voice again. "Look at that. Don't you sense the power? What it can help you achieve? Allow it to Run. Allow it to help you. Allow it to be destroyed without not ever having purpose."

    I grinned. I already made my choice. I activated it, and it went haywire, and it all shot out at me, changing me. The Machine shut down, but the energy inside of me couldn't be contained. Power surged out of me, and part of the building detonated. I was blamed for the accident. But it didn't stop there. The Survivors of this 'attack' were either injured or mutated, giving eight people powers similar to mine. They didn't know how to control it either, and they became mutants. All because of me. I was called a terrorist. A Freak. A Loser. A Nobody. Even Tarah wouldn't talk to me. Like she was embarrased to even know me. I deserved it though. I hurt all these people. But I still don't know what made me feel worse, having no friends, or hurting all the innocents that I did.

    Jean pulled every card she had just to keep me out of some Prison built for me. One of the deals was that I worked for her, wearing an Anklet that kept me tracked 24/7. If I disobeyed, I would be hauled away. She wasn't happy with me at all, but I could tell she was amused that I was basically her servant.

    At first, I was doing Police work. Stopping bank robberies, purse snatchers, etc. After a month, 6 of the Mutants banded together. They called themselves " The Outcasts". No one paid attention to them at first, but once they did something, it got out there pretty quick. They used their powers to attack the Metroplex and cities around it, demanding tribute. They were all young. Teenagers, like me, with no one to go to, no one to help them, but eachother. They abused their power. Soon they had their own gang of normal people that would serve them without question, doing tasks for them. The City became a wreck. Police couldn't keep up. EROP was spread thin. This city NEEDED a hero. And in the Midst of all this destruction caused by them, I was still blamed for all of this. And truth was, it was all my fault.

    TV Stations publicly accusing me. There was even a TV Show that was about me, constantly criticizing me. In one episode, they displayed an animation of me being beaten up. It hurt. But it was all my fault. There was nothing left for me to do. I could try to run away, but Jean had me on a short leash, with zero tolerance behind it. I had one option. To fix this myself.

    My first task was to find the other two people. Perhaps they could help me. I found the first one quite easily. She actually went to my school, and her father happened to work there. It was father's day, and she was trying to surprise him. And I messed it all up, and he just happened to be on the floor that detonated, and she became a freak. All my fault. Our conversation went like this.


    " you are John... John Allen.... you killed him....."

    She cried and yelled at me, and threatened me, and kicked me out. Literally. She barely knew about her powers though, so I was lucky.I didn't blame her. If it weren't for me, she wouldn't be this way, and he would still be alive.

    I asked Jean about what she thought about it.

    "John, try not to be as hard on yourself. But don't think it wasn't your fault at all. Whether you had good intentions, or bad, it was still an accident, and nothing can be done now about what happened, but what can be done, is what will happen. From this day on John. People are hurting John, mostly from The Outcasts. You'll need to fix this. It is your duty now. Now, Tarah, I think you might be able to get her to be your friend again if you work hard enough at fixing this mess up, and convincing people that you didn't mean for any of this to happen. I understand you talked to Violet? She is pretty messed up too. You'll need to get her to trust you. Try taking down one of the Outcasts and talking to her again."

    I sighed. This seemed like a lot of work. But this was my fault. All of it. All my fault. And I had to fix it. People were getting hurt because of a decision I made.

    First, I wanted to understand my powers a little more, so I tracked down the smartest person I knew.

    Eric Williams. He was fascinated in my powers, and was very accomodating. Apparently every person has some kind of Bio-Electric field. The Braces allowed me to tune my bio-electric field, and then when I was mutated, it allowed me to control and modify it. When it came to them, the energy I absorbed was passed onto them, Mutating them, and the energy was already tuned. Because I have the braces, I can tune and modify my powers to do what I will, and there was more I could do than them. I just needed to learn what I could do.

    That's when I heard the voice again. "Feed me.... I will tell you what you need to know about your powers, how you can do different things.".

    "...." I hesitated and then asked, "What do you want me to do?"

    Eric somehow understood that I wasn't talking to him and watched.

    "Feed me pride. From doing something good. That's all I request."
    The voice then cut off.

    "Alright." Then I looked at Eric. "Oh, erm..."

    "It's alright. If you ever need an-"

    "We'll be in touch." I said.

    The Gang was going around shooting up places. Stealing money, candy, weapons. And they took them back to their masters for praise. They always got what they wanted, and people always complied. That changed today. I found the nearest crime that there was. Apparently they came every morning to a neighborhood to vandalize and steal from homes of families that refused to give them what they wanted.

    They had guns. And not just some Hunting gun, these were Heavy Military Weapons. That was my next focus after getting rid of them. I leaped in and blasted some of them. Bullets whizzed past my shoulder, and I leaped out of the way. "Alright.... That's not going to work.....", then I saw it. They were after Tarah's Family. This sent me into a rage. I still had feelings for her. I got up. My braces went insane, indicating that they were more than fully charged.

    I managed to catch a glimpse of her in the window. I raised my arms and they all rose, and they started spinning in a vortex. Bullets flew everywhere, but they stopped in mid-air. Falling to the floor. I kept them spinning, and spinning, and spinning, then I released them onto the ground, and watched them fall over eachother, puking and crying, and passing out.... I was tempted to do more, but I decided not to use my full powers on something that could be done easily. Although it wasn't impressive, it still saved Tarah from the gang, and she wasn't so.... well.... avoiding of me.

    I approached them, and examined the weapons, then still not getting anything, I sent a picture of it to Eric. He told me they came from the Coast Guard. Much more heavily armed than EROP. But Eric did some research, and the Coast Guard had never even had a struggle with the gangs at all. Someone was bribing them with the weapons.

    I stopped some more crime activity around her neighborhood, then I called Jean.

    "I heard about what you did. Tarah's Neighborhood. Nice touch sticking that person through a tree. They'll probably be afraid enough to snitch out the location of one of the Leaders. So, what did you call me about?"

    "Eric told me the Coast Guard was possibly bribing the gangs with Weapons? Can you do some research? Does EROP know anything of this?"

    She typed away on her keyboard, logging into her father's database, and said "Now that you mention it, these weapons do look they are from the Coast Guard, but there have been no mentions of it yet in the database. But you might be right. Find someone who is good with technology, someone good enough to hack. Persuade him to your side, your cause. If he doesn't agree, you have my permission to threaten him. Talk to you later John, and keep doing what you're doing."

    Then I heard the voice. "Heh, you've been using your telepathy and orb powers. LAME! You can do so much more John. But because of the pride you recieved from saving those people in her neighborhood, I'll go ahead and help you practice your powers. Your new ones."

    "No. I don't want you to tell me anything anymore. You helped cause all this."

    "I can help you fix it"

    "No thank you. I'll do this my way."

    "Fine. But you will be missing out on soo much."

    "I'll discover my own stuff. Goodbye."

    I stopped listening to the voice. He didn't come back for a while. This was right before I became a Somebody.
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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    Bravo! Great beginning, starts with a bang, and I hope it ends with one!


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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    Thanks Ella! I just finished part 2 and put it in. Hit Ctrl-F and type in "You still" to get to Part 2.
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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    - plays fanfare-
    Niiiiice. I wouldn't like to be in John's shoes..


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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    XD, Part 3, it might change your mind a little.
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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    That's Jared for you.

    A liitttlleee too much RPU, don't you think? xD Grrrrreat so far!


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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    I meant Jacob..........
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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    I know. Which is why I pointed that out. ;P


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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    Thank you Ella, and I am taking requests. Lily is asking me for one. , I will accept some characters, but I will not accept detailed events that happens in the story, I want it to be somewhat well.... original?
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    Default Re: Unforgiven - By James Shadowman.

    I sent you her description, James. (:
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