"Dang." I muttered aloud as I looked at my alarm clock. It was 8:47. No way was I getting to school in time.
As I pulled myself out of bed, I wondered why I always managed to get out of bed at 7 on weekends, but all too occasionally did I manage to get out of bed after 8:30. I had to be in school by 8:55; no way was I getting there on time now. I just hoped nobody got too angry at me. Or I could pass off as ill.

Unfortunately, nobody believed I was ill. My mum was frantic, telling me she'd make my breakfast while I got dressed. So I zoomed upstairs, buttoned my shirt, pulled my trousers up, did my tie (it was very messy, but I fixed it when I was running down the stairs) and pulled on my blazer. I nearly forgot my socks. I would have forgot them, if I hadn't crashed into the drawer on the way down. So, slipping on my socks, I looked at the time again. The clock read, '8:53'
Without going to the loo on my way down as usual, I hurried right downstairs, ate about five spoonfuls of my breakfast, before sprinting to school at high-speed. Checking my watch, which I'd just about remembered to put on, I read out '8:57' to myself. It seemed weird to think that only ten minutes ago I was hurrying out of bed.
From now on, I was sleeping with my door unlocked.

As I wandered into my classroom, the teacher, Mrs. Railer, said, "You're late. Sit down before I give you detention."
I felt myself flush up as I hurried towards the nearest chair. It wasn't the one I was supposed to sit in - this bought me a funny look off Mrs. Railer - but it'd do for now.
"You better have your homework." She said to me.
"Home...Work...?" I winced, my hands going to my bag.
Please be here, please be here! I thought. My hands found some paper lying crumpled at the bottom of my bag.
"It's here!" I said, breathing a sigh of relief, at the same time getting up to hand over the homework. Mrs. Railer took a quick glance at it, nodding, raising an eyebrow at the crumples, but she placed it in the homework pile anyway.
"I've got your schedules." She said, in her bland, boring tone. "Kristie, please hand these out."
Kristie, a blonde haired girl who sat in the front row, got up off her chair and grabbed the schedules. She glanced at the first name and handed it to the boy next to her.
"While we're waiting, I guess I can tell you we've got no P.E today. Coach Frank is off with a bad leg."
There were some groans, a few cheers, and some people just sat silently, such as myself.
I then got handed my schedule and a prompt to leave.
"Now get to class." Mrs. Railer snapped.