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    Default Under the Moon (Chapter 1-3)

    Author's Note: Okay,so I've been gone. And my problem is that nobody wants to tell me what they think. I mean,seriously. I guess I gotten somewhat better over the years,but you still never tell me anything. Maybe it's because I'm not exactly 'liked'? I don't know. Or maybe it's because I haven't asked you what you like? Well. What do you like then? I know I'm not exactly the best writer,but at least I'm trying! You must be like 'Shut up and get to the story' so I will now write for you! Please tell me what you think!
    Under the Moon
    Chapter 1

    I pulled my cloak tighter around me. Dun Morogh was freezing!
    "How do dwarves and gnomes do this?!' Venus said. I could see a strand of purple hair hanging out of her braid.
    "I don't know," Selene said. This was our group: A Druid of the Wild (me),a Huntress of Elune (Venus),and a priest-warrior (Selene). We had lost Parvani in the blizzard,and couldn't find her.
    "Varian better pay us a bazillion gold coins!" I said.
    "Cyn,calm down," Venus said. I sighed.
    "We're almost to the pass," Selene said. She must be freezing in that armor. It was metal,and I hoped she was wearing some cloth and leather under it.
    "Are you cold?" I asked Selene.
    "Yeah. Loch Modan is only an hour away," Selene said. I think her name should have been Serene. She is always calm,always serene.
    "Ah... then we can settle in Farstrider Lodge," Venus smiled. Selene and Venus had pink-purple skin,I had blue-gray skin. Selene's hair was turqoise,like Tyrande's. Venus' hair was purple. Our face-tattoes were quite odd. Selene's tattoes were blades,Venus' tattoes were shadows,and mine were leaves. I had the healing gift. We walked a mile and finally reached the pass. A little inn was carefully placed in the corner,with a stable nearby. A watch-post was posted in the midde. The weather was warmer,but breezy. We practically dragged ourselves to the inn and into a booth. The innkeeper came over,giving us bread and cheese.
    "But we didn't order yet," Venus protested.
    "Ye look weary,Elves. Dun Morogh is hard on t'e outsiders," he said. Venus didn't protest,but I could see she didn't like taking the bread and chese. We ate in silence,and finally asked a waitress for some soup.
    "What kind of soup is this?" Selene asked.
    "Bean soup. King Wyrnn hasn't been able to transport any other vegetables," the waitress said. I was mad- no,furious. I wanted to smack KIng Wyrnn upside the head. I remained silent,listening to the conversations from the other guests. I asked the innkeeper for a key to a room with three beds and a fireplace,and that is what we got. It was slightly bigger than the other rooms with a table in the corner and firewood stacked by the fireplace. Like any other room,there was a shelf above each bed for our bags and stuff. I discovered there was a bathing tub and curtain in the empty corner,so that was exactly what I did. There was a shelf by the tub with soap,so I got to work warming up my toes and fingers as best as I could. When I got out,Venus and Selene were asleep. I pulled on my most comfortable pair of cloth pants and shirt,put wood in the fire,and crawled into bed. When I woke up,Venus was creeping into the room with a loaf of bread,a pitcher of milk,three glasses,and a little bit of fruit. I blinked and looked at her.
    "Good night," Venus said. Night Elves stayed up at night,fell asleep at morning,and slept through the day. We had great eyesight and hearing,as far as I'm concerned. I got up and took a piece of bread,nibbling on it. I wondered how Venus got this. Maybe it was because the innkeeper liked us? Almost everybody liked us. It was wierd.
    "I smell food," Selene said.
    "It isn't Kaldorei food," Venus said. Selene crinkled up her nose and nibbled on an apple.
    "I wish it was kimchi," I said. I liked cabbage kimchi and steamed mandu. No idea what mandu is,but it was good. We stayed one more day,then set out that night. I had pulled on a cloth robe because Loch Modan was considerably warm. We passed another post and continued on. We finally saw Thelsamar,and it was so well hidden into the hill that we had to back track. I was considerably bored when we got a room.
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