This Is a random story about a viva pinata garden called "LOLZ BUZZLEGUMS"

Started writing at 10:20PM;

My Name Is George. I live In a garden, with trees outlining It, and a large fence that surrounds me. Its made out of hedges, and has a solid, wooden gate. My Garden master says she got It from "Ivor Bargin" And Costalots. I don't believe her, I think she built them. she's very talented, and shes fifty years old. Her names Michelle, and I'm George, as mentioned before. my mother and father Miss Wigglebum, and Sur Wigglebum, have had a number of kids. I'm number twenty. the last out of them, or so the gardener said. I wonder why she said that? That was.. untill today.
More about the garden;
LOTS!! Of Buzzlegums

Buzzlegum house



Stuff; ALOT!!!!

"Oh Dad, do we have to move?" George questioned Sur Wigglebum "O-only some of us...are, being," Sur Wigglebum let ut a large sigh, then began to speak again. "Sold." "SOLD!?!?!" I burst out, Covering my mouth with my stubby little wings, I curled up Into somewhat of a ball, and grumbled. my wings fluttering furiously, not lifting me off the ground. I stuck my stinger In the ground, witch ended up getting me stuck. My mother game over, making our famous 'bzzz' noice as she attempted to poke me wit her chubby foot. "Dad, I don't want to be sold." Grumbled George, but It was too late.....It went dark. too dark. I didn't know where I was, but All I could hear was silent music....that would make you go crazy - It was just outside hte door, and I could hear someone slamming a Machine, pulling a lever, and talking..rather rudely.

It all went dark. I could hear my tiny heart beat, and I could feel nine more siblings - witch soon turned to none. they seemed to vanish Into thin air, as I silently waited In Anticipation of what would happen. then I heard It... The Lady, her stingy voice, hitting me like a large blast of wind, knocking me back. My small eyes adjusted to the Bright light, stinging my eyes as It blasted Into the box. "come on out now," Costalot spoke, grabbing me by my wings, I was pulled out, and tossed out Into the cold harsh winter snow. my small flakes turning Into black and white, I Blended In slightly with the snow, as tears streaked my Pinata flaks. "Dad!" I Squealed, running for the garden, and Invisible barrier stopped me, as I slammed Into It... my world went blank, my sight faded, and I soon found my self awakening. no more snow - no more parents. my family was gone, and Chewnicorns were completetly overrunning the garden. I couldn't believe It! What would happen to me? I was alone now, and my name was George. WHO WANTED ONE CALLED GEORGE?!!? Then I saw It -- the flowers. I rushed In, killing the flower I Instantly gulped It down, starving. but something stpped me from doing It - I got a sudden urge to go over and eat the.. Honey. So I did, then waddled off. I felt a shovel slam Into my side, the next thing I knew I was rebuilt, and a stranger - once again. would my Journey never end? The answer Is; Yes. There Is always the Buzzlegum, that never enters your garden - you know that one that just mocks you? That's George. He Is doomed to an Eternity alone.




wasn't that Dramatic?!!?