Once ago, my heart was blessed.
Now fear has taken me.
I wish for love to seek my heart.
For no problem to be.
I wish for love to never be apart.
Once i seeked the love i gained.
A problem suddenly came.
My heart skiped a beat or 2.
But now hope if my only thing to do.
I wished love with no problem.
I wished for hope to be the turth.
Hey once ago or twice to see...
My heart was gone forever be..
Intill a day, when my heart regained.
My love gave hope everyday.
I wished a seeker can find my heart
To take it back
And never apart.
My words are ture
Ryhme or not.
I wished for love.
Thats all i got.
Now i hope...
My love well live...
In game...
or not.
My heart well be the same.
I'll die with love
Or suffer from it
Live happy
or die without it.
My words are here my words are truth
I wish i can say more
But i can no longer do.