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    Default A Troll's Life Intro & Chapter 1

    Hi,I'm Taunie. A troll priest. I have blonde hair and blue skin,my tusks are very small. I am considered a forest,sea,and ice troll due to my skin color. My father is Vol'jin,leader/captain,whatever you wanna call it of the Darkspear trolls. We live in Echo Isles,and I'm having a good time so far. I wrote this since you should see my life,not only in words,but in my place..
    Chapter 1
    Air Heart
    I woke up on a sunny morning. The wildmane cats were up early,killing the docile island boars. Thankfully I woke up without falling off the top of the hut. Heh,hut. Funny word.
    "Rise and shine,Darkspear Warriors!" Landi yelled. She was the warrior trainer. She had the bluest hair ever,her skin was purple. Kinda looked funny. I knew only 5 of the Darkspear Warriors,Anita,Joase,Kaica,Jaeya,and Maye. All girls. Anita was the highest ranked,and always beat Maye,who was a tad bit better than her. Anita and Joase looked the same,pretty much. Kaica and Jaeya both looked dumb when they went to class in thier pajamas. Maye,she was smarter. I looked down at myself. Dang,I wasn't even dressed. I walked over to my pair of white shorts and a green shirt. I moved the blankets that were tacked onto the outside of the hut so I could have some privacy from the rest of the world. Or Siane,that annoying goblin that kept doing dumb dances that made me stare at him. And NO,I don't like him. I hate him,like I hate the smell of Dad's toes in the morning. I moved the blankets and looked to see the vendors walking to thier carts, Le'An was the candy seller. She sold candy on special holidays or months or whatever. She often brought free samples of her chocolate-covered coco beans around. They were EXTRA chocolatey! I walked downstairs,my Dad's room was there and I could hear him clipping his toe nails with that knife Veneta brought him last year.
    "Taunie,you be early,"Le'An said as I ran over to her cart. I would help her with her gardening on Saturdays and Mondays. She handed me a basket and pointed towards her apple trees. I nodded and walked over there. She had yellow,green,and red apples. I picked 5 of each,and a few extra to bring home if she'd let me.
    "Here,take dese apples. Dey be for you and Vol'jin,"Le'An said,I smelled coco beans. She must've hid them in there. I walked over to our hut and greeted the two guards. Note there are only TWO GUARDS.
    "Taunie,you got da apples and coco beans?" Dad asked.
    "Yes,Dad. Can we be makin' da coco apple now?" I asked. Dad nodded. I smiled and began to chop up the coco beans and put them in the pot to boil,or more or less,melt. Dad began chopping the apples and covered them with a pom tree leaf,then sat down. Finally the coco beans melted and we dipped the apple slices in them.
    "Let dem cool,Taunie. In da meanwhile,go help Moraya,"Dad said. I nodded and did as told.
    "Moraya,can I help ya?"I asked her,she was playing with a Bloodtalon Hatchling.
    "Sure,go down to da pens and feed 'em dese bits of boar meat,"Moraya said,handing me a pom tree leaf full of them. I walked down to the pens and began dumping 1/3 of it in the first pen,then 1/3 of it in the other,and the last bit in the third pen. I walked back to Moraya and handed her the leaf.
    "Mon',why don't you go buy ya self some boar meat wrapped in da boar fat? It be good!" Moraya said,handing me 2 silver. I smiled,and ran down to the market part of Echo Isles. I bought 2 wraps of it. One for Moraya for being so nice. I ran back and gave her the wrap I bought for her. I walked back to my hut and shared some with Dad. It was afternoon. The days passed by quickly. And I knew nothing else would be going on,so I walked into my room,picking up a book,and began to read until dinner time.

    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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    Default Re: A Troll's Life Intro & Chapter 1

    Haha, I love the way they talk. [: Really nice descriptions. Reminds me of that old show; 'Tak and the Power of Juju'. [:

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