Chapter 3


I watched the trolls,fleeing from First Home. Papa had large tusks,mine were small. I wore a beaded necklace with a Voodoo charm,a dark purple robe tube-top like with designs of vines and flowers. We got into boats,ours was in front and largest. A platform made of bamboo was in the front of the boats. I got up on top and sat on it,my feet dangling and nearly touching the sea. Papa sat behind me,a spear in his hand. Vanira sat behind him,and Belana,my best friend,sat in back. I wanted to be with her,really. I did. But instead,I was given the task of singing a song.
"My paddle,clean an' white,flashin' like sil-ver. Follow the whi-ite moon,dip dip and sing," I sang,even though I had a horrible singing voice.
"Dip,dip and sing along. Flashin' like silva... Follow the whi-ite moon,dip,dip,and sing along," I continued. Soon as ever,everybody joined in.
"Our paddles,clean an' white,flashin' like silva. Follow the whi-ite moon,dip,dip,and sing. Dip,dip and sing along. Flashin' like silva. Sing along and we'll be dere," the boats sang. The song flowed along the waves,and ending with us at Echo Isles.


Belana and I sat on the shore of Echo Isles,watching the waves. Soon it would be dark,and we would be asleep where trolls would be gathering clams and mussles. Crabs and lobsters were a daily catch. We decided it would be best to get going before the we were late for the chanting to the Loa. But instead,we ran out into the sea. We were young,and dumb.
"EEEEKKKKK!!!!!!" We screamed. The worst creature appeared; a Naga! Queen Azshara,the nastiest naga ever. The war horn screeched in our ears,and we fell into the sea. I felt like I was being frozen to death,and water filled my lungs. I was too cold to go up. My eyes were frozen shut,and I couldn't quite make out where Belana was. I felt her falling on me as we reached the ocean floor. First,a hand on my wrist. Second,a quick blink open and back closed. I saw Belana for a quick second. Third,we were by a fire inside Darkspear Hold with blankets wrapped around us. I opened my eyes and saw a fire with Belana by me. Vanira looked at us through the fire and whispered,"Don't scare us like dat again,my little Pixie Flower."


Belana and I watched the not-so-brave-trying-to-impress-us Darkspear recruits line up. Tuskini and Zuni were the teachers. A year older than us. Pretty cool. We braided our hair and let it go. A big,wavey and blonde mess. It was pretty on the other hand. They marched around,hit some training dummies,and left. We continued doing whatever we did that day.

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