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    Default A Troll's Life Chapter 1

    A Troll's Life
    Rise of the Darkspear

    "Shilla,Zuni. You be da youngest of our tribe and we be honored. Now,Shilla,go find da Earthspeaker,or Zen'Tabra. Zuni,go find Witchdocta Nekali," Jin'Thala instructed. The Darkspear Watcher behind me was pounding on the Ceremonial Drum.
    "But,where are dey?" Zuni asked Jin'Thala.
    "Da Darkspear Trainin' Grounds. Go,now!" Jin'Thala waved us off. To make this clear to you,I have four braids of hair,two on each shoulder. The rest is parted into three parts,one is straight in the middle and the others are left and right. My hair color is a blue-ish greenish and my tusks are larger then the other girls'. My skin is a sky blue,and that is it. Zuni has shaggy green hair in a braid,HUGE tusks,and light blue skin.
    "Zuni-" I started,but he was already off to Nekali.
    "I regret the day I told Papa I wanted to be an Earthspeaker..." I trailed off. Our island was mainly sand and pom trees. Walking to the training grounds,I could see more then 20 Warlocks,Warriors,and Witchdoctors. They were older then me,I was 10. They could be 15-18. They all sneered and whispered about me,I think. It could have been my tusks. My walk turned into a run,rushing through the trainees. I saw the Earthspeaker before I could stop,and slided through mud.
    "Ya must be Shilla,Vol'jin's child. I be proud ta teach ya," Earthspeaker Zen'Tabra said,helping me up.
    "Um. Ya,mon," I said,looking around. There were weapon racks and training dummies everywhere. There was a pit nearby with a snake-like creature inside.
    "Now,go find a piece of woodand carve a staff. I'll be back here when it be carved," Zen'Tabra said,pointing over at the jungle.
    "But... Dat where da boars and da wild cats..." I said,shaking.
    "Just go now,hon. If ya aren't back in an hour,I be comin' for ya," Zen'Tabra said,giving me a little shove. I began walking slowly,and she dissappeared.
    I'm taking the Timeless Isle for the GEAR!
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    Default Re: A Troll's Life Chapter 1

    Love this dude i like how it is kinda tribal and jamiken, But what is the tribe name? Will it be in chapter #2....

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