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    Default Time and Money / Finding Chrystal

    A series (also on video) in the making. Give it a read when you've got free time on your hands; there's quite a bit so far, just from season/book 1. more coming soon.

    The story so far:

    The adventure begins when Ofilia Kantis travels back to the past to escape a danger in the present. Now, intent on returning to her own time, Ofilia must find a way to travel through time--meeting a reluctant ally, racing against a mad baron and time itself, and uncovering a strange plot that seems to be the cause of it all.

    Join the cast of Time and Money on this exciting adventure!

    Link HERE (Our YouTube channel link as well. Click here.)

    If you're interested in more "real-life" sorts of stories, I've just started one here, called Finding Chrystal. It's set both in-game and a bit in the real world, based on a web of true stories. Some of the characters from Time and Money (the real ones, not the characters they play in the above series) are in this story as well.

    The Preface:

    A magician once said, "Everyone has a story. That's just the way it is."

    In my story there are no brave heroes, no wise men who say profound things to their friends; no falling in love with impossibly gorgeous people; mine is not a selfless quest to right the injustices of the world, or to find a magical object of great power, or even one to claim some vast treasure of unspeakable riches.

    It involves a CD player, the online world of Free Realms, and a gas station fire. It is based on true stories.

    please comment/post feedback when you get the chance.

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