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    Default Thread for my stories!!! Please read and post what YOU think.

    Welcome! I have started this thread to tell my stories. The books in the series are Pet Purrfection, Summer Vacation, Fashion Fever, Rosie's Rose, Holiday Hangout, and some other titles that I haven't come out with yet. I'll start by introducing the characters that are in all the books (all girls, thank goodness).

    Lauren (Laura) Louise Goldsaber, Kristina Louretta Goldenrod, Kirsten Megatrek, Megan Wildsymphony, Amy Bluesea, Lily Lightflower, Stacie Goldenstar, Amanda Whitetrekker, Brooklynn (Brooke) Wildsymphony, Cassie Cici Goldsaber, Jenna Highflower, Ashley Highflower, Mia Highflower, Kaylee Megatrek, Elaina (Eli) Bluesea, Elena Ruby Goldenrod, Nikki Wildtrek, Nina Lightflower, Rosie Whiterod, Karina Bluesea, Keya Faithstar, Kit Faithstar, Rebecca (Becca) Goldsmile, Bethany (Beth) Whitetrekker, Bertha Bluesea, Marina Sweetsymphony, Ruthie Goldsmile, Sandra Wildtrek, Rachel Sweetsymphony, Collette Lightflower, Colleen Highflower, Angelina Faithstar, Dana Faithstar, Kiki Sweetsymphony.

    So, lets start the Bios with Lauren Goldsaber.

    Name: Lauren Louise Goldsaber
    Nickname: Laura
    Style: Long Black hair, Green eyes, light skin.
    Pet: Black Pug named Pugsly.

    Name: Cassie Cici Goldsaber
    Nickname: C.C.
    Style: Short Black hair, Green Eyes, light skin.
    Pet: Brown Chihuahua named Tiny
    ***Lauren and Cassie are Twin Sisters***

    Name: Kristina Louretta Goldenrod
    Nickname: Krissy
    Style: Long Curly Honey-Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, light skin.
    Pet: White Poodle named Prissy.

    Name: Elena Ruby Goldenrod
    Nickname: none
    Style: Light Blonde hair, Blue eyes, light skin.
    Pet: Brown poodle named Brownie.

    Name: Rebecca Susie Goldsmile
    Nickname: Becca
    Style: Brown hair, green eyes, light skin
    Pet: Black Poodle named Blackie

    Name: Ruthie Lea Goldsmile
    Nickname: Ruth
    Style: Black hair, green eyes, light skin
    Pet: Tan Rabbit named Carrot.
    ***Kristina and Elena are sisters, Rebecca and Ruthie are, too, but the girls are cousins.***

    Name: Ashley Megan Highflower
    Nickname: Ash
    Style: Blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin.

    Name: Jenna Lauren Highflower
    Nickname: None
    Style: Light blonde, blue eyes, light skin.

    Name: Mia Lynn Highflower
    Nickname: none
    Style: Curly Dark brown, brown eyes, light skin.

    Lets start with a list of the stories:

    Rosie's Rose, Which is about when Rosie's pet poodle, Rosalynn, gets lost and a rose starts to grow and grow until Rosa comes back and the rose blooms big and beautiful, but how did it get there and why does it seem magical?? Find out by reading the story!

    Pet Purrfection: Kristina gets a job at Pollie's Pet Place but has trouble with the pets! Will Kristina help the pets and give them to the "purrfect" owners, or will she lose the job? Find out by reading the story!

    Summer Vacation: Kristina, Brooklynn, Ashley, Megan, Mia, and Jenna go on vacation to a beach not too far from their town, but theres trouble. The girls' dogs run off and they have to find them in two days, will the girls find their dogs before they have to leave, or will the dogs be gone forever? Find out by reading the story.

    Holiday Hangout: Kristina invites her family and friends over for the holidays and wonder what gifts they wish for. Kristina wants a new collar for her poodle, Prissy. Lauren wants a new bag and some other things she saw while window shopping at the beach. But Lauren's little sister, Kaylee, wants something more, a pure white kitten named Kitzy. She saw Kitzy on TV, in the Pollie's Pet Place commercial. Lauren knew her dog and a kitten wouldnt get along well, but will Kaylee get the kitten, or not? Find out by reading the story!

    Ghost of the Gloam: Its near Halloween, and the girls have taken a vacation to Sacred Grove Island! Kristina thinks it will be a blast, but when they find out that Laurilee Ryse and the Skater Girls are there too, the girls' are persuaded to go into Blackspore to find the gloam and see if its true! Can the girls manage their trip in darkness, or will they get trapped and become a gloam themselves in the Bone Bog? Find out in Ghost of the Gloam.

    The needle in the haystack: When Kristina is on vacation to her cousins' Amanda's and Bethany's Farm, someone is haunting the stables and eventually lets all the horse but one escape the stable into the middle of nowhere! Can Kristina find the horses, or will Need In A Haystack Stables lose everything? Find out in The needle in the haystack!

    Holliday Hangout

    Chapter 1

    Kristina Goldenrod looked out the window of her bedroom. Lauren Goldsaber was walking with her little sister, Kaylee Goldsaber. Amy Bluesea and Lily Lightflower were riding their bicycles. 'That's odd,' Kristina thought, 'Lily's usually hanging with her sisters, Nina and Collette, and Amy is usually with her sister Elaina.' Amy and Lily rarely were together. Amy and Lily both played two different sports at different times and days. Lily liked soccer, when Amy preferred softball. It was odd that the two girls were riding bicycles together.
    Kristina went into the bathroom and brushed her hair. She looked in the mirror and smiled at her reflection. She went back into her room and shut the bedroom door. Her pet poodle, Prissy, stood up and yawned. Krissy changed into her favorite outfit. A Purple, Black and white dress, white socks and black flats. She tied her hair up with a black ribbon. She went downstairs into the kitchen where her sister, Elena, and her mother were sitting at the table eating breakfast.

    Chapter 2

    Krissy sat down at the table and dug into her waffle with maple syrup.

    "So, whats everyone doing today??" Mrs. Goldenrod asked.
    "I'm going to walk Brownie sometime, and then I have soccer practice." Elena said, getting up from the table and setting her plate on the counter.
    "I'm going to see what Rebecca and Ruthie are doing, and I have to walk Prissy, and then I need to see if Lauren and Kaylee will come for Christmas." Krissy said between bites of her waffle. She went over to the door and grabbed Prissy's leash from a hook on the wall. Prissy ran over and sat still so Krissy could clip the leash to Prissy's collar. Krissy stepped outside into the fresh air. The smell of Honeydew and Roses filled the air. She walked down the sidewalk towards the road. Amy and Lily ran up to her.

    "Hi, Krissy," Lilly said, pushing the breaks on her bicycle, "Have you figured out what you want for christmas yet?"

    "No. I'm going down to the town to go window-shopping and see if I can find something later." Kristina said, picking up Prissy so she wouldn't start tugging on the leash. Just then, Amy came pedaling up, panting for breath. "Lilly, slow down, soccer really makes you pedal faster than I do."

    "In softball you run too, but not as much as soccer." Kristina said.

    "I'm not the fastest on the team. Laurilee is." Amy said.

    "Laurilee Ryse? The girl who lives in the Oldendales Mansion?" Kristina said "That girl is really odd. She only talks to her 'closest friends', Sarahe LeeAnne and Maxine DeLana."

    "Everyone calls them the skater girls. I hear they go skateboarding at the skatepark. I walk by there to go to soccer practice and they are usually there." Lilly said. "Laurilee looks alot like Lavender aka Darkthorne from Sacred Grove Island."

    "The Island of Esmarildanes Isle is just across the ocean from there. I really want to visit! I hear the weather's the same there always." Kristina said.

    "But dont go into Blackspore. My older cousins say its totally creepy and that the gloam council still lurks there, but that they only come out at a full moon or on Halloween." Amy said.

    "How can they know?" Lilly asked.

    "They have been there. They almost encountered one of the Gloams. One of the girls, Jacklynne, said that they are ghosts with long purplish hair and lavender eyes. They blend in with everything so you dont see them, but she knows ghosts when she sees them." Amy said. "We should get going, Lilly. We have to decide some things for the Winter Indoor Carnival."

    "Winter Indoor Carnival?" Kristina asked.

    "The Rosemary Hillory High is putting it on in the school gym. The gym is huge. And they are gonna put on shows in the auditorium and the indoor skating rink that they finished last week." Lilly said "We're gonna perform in something or do something in it."

    "Well, I should be going, too. Prissy is getting impatient, and I'm going to see Ruthie and Becca to invite them for our christmas day party. Will you girls come?" Kristina asked.
    "We'll see what is going on and let you know on Christmas Eve. You'll come to the Indoor Carnival then, won't you? Its right on Christmas Eve." Amy said.

    "OK. Its a deal." Kristina said.

    Chapter 3

    Kristina continued on her way. Just then, Lauren and Kaylee crossed the street over to her.

    "Hey, Kristina!" Lauren said, "What's up?"
    "Hey, I was wondering if you'll come to my christmas party?" Kristina asked.
    "Christmas party? OK, but we told Lilly and Amy we'd go to...." Lauren started to say
    "The Indoor Carnival?" Kristina asked, filling in the blank to Lauren's sentence.
    "How did you know?" Lauren said.
    "Amy and Lilly invited me, too! And anyways my party is Christmas Day, and the carnival is on christmas eve, so it should be fine."

    Story continues soon, so keep checking for the next part of Holiday Hangout!!
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