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    Default ♥A thread of all my daily writings c:♥

    This goes from Quotes, to poems, to even a story...
    But, since there is so many, and I have less time, I decides to keep adding 3 more everyday!
    If you have your writings of your own, or from someone you got it from, feel free to post it and i'll give you credit!

    SO..First we start off with 3 of everything..
    Then i keep adding 3 more, untill all my writings have been written down!

    .My Quotes.

    "Sometimes, a person doesn't cry because their heart has been broken, they cry, because they have broken another's."

    "When people say your different,
    It means you weren't born to change."

    "You shouldn't break a heart,
    If your's is already broken."


    No reason.

    I stand here
    Because there's no reason to walk away.
    I cry
    Because there's no reason to be happy.
    I live,
    because there's no reason to die.
    And I'm myself,
    Because there's no reason not to be.

    I believe in many things **Made this when i was only 11 ^^ Which explains all the errors xD**

    I believe that people can still stay with in our hearts...
    Even if we didn't see them for a long period of time
    I Believe that everyone deserves another chance
    To return or change to a better person
    I Believe that i shouldn't look for anything better
    For they are better enough
    I Believe that one cannot change
    Unless they want to be forgiven
    Or not torn apart.
    I Believe that love is meant to be shared
    I Believe that love is meant to be enjoyed
    If someone's heart has been broken...
    because they miss someone and want them back...
    You need to give them hope...
    They are not meant to hide in a shell of their own...
    They are meant to be loved...and overgrown their love
    Yet they are not meant to cheat
    Yet, even we cannot cheat
    For hurt is like choas
    Love is like hope

    Dreams are like..

    Dreams are like a unseen movie,
    that will never come out.
    Dreams are like your own feelings,
    Bursted out on your imagination.
    Dreams are like a forgotten secret,
    You sometimes can't remember them.
    But best of all..
    Dreams are like a story book,
    Adventuring your own imagination,
    so epic and beautiful,
    that you wish you never even awoke.


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