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    Default Their Song~~a poem

    Im looking this over and if it doesnt fit, then it can be deleted. I had to modify it very slightly.
    I wish I could share this feeling with everyone in the world; we all need to feel it once in this lifetime.

    Their Song

    At the whimsy of those unseen
    The decision was make that
    Boy and girl would meet.
    Then it began with
    Angel feathers floating down.
    She was delighted by his wit and charm
    And the laughter that danced in his eyes.
    She soothed his savage beast with
    Her music and lightness of being.
    And the unseen watched, knowingly.

    The girl talked to the boy
    And the boy talked to the girl
    And magic danced around them
    Ethereal and blissful.
    They couldn’t resist the pull to each other.
    The bond was set
    To their wounded souls
    Delicate and fragile.
    And quietly,
    On soft padded feet,
    Hopelessly but willingly,
    Love entwined them.
    She held out the pieces of her heart in her hands
    And he in his;
    They fit perfectly into one.
    The warmth and jubilation and happiness
    Radiated from it
    Like a fire in the hearth on the coldest winter night.

    She was lost to him.
    He was spellbound to her.
    And each passing day
    The fibers of their bond
    Grew thick and strong,
    With the feeling that
    Nothing earthly could sever it.
    As the boy and girl walked away,
    side by side,
    The unseen looked at each other smiling,
    Knowing that their children who would be
    Had at last found each other.
    And their love song plays eternal.
    "I'll get you my pretties!"

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    Default Re: Their Song~~a poem

    That's so beautiful!!! I loved it!! <3
    Signature credit goes to: Stephanie Stonyray (Thanks Stephanie)

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    Default Re: Their Song~~a poem

    That was beautiful, Sio. I love it. <3

    Where you stop is where you start again.
    Celestina Corinne

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    Default Re: Their Song~~a poem

    Thank you so much Zoey and Cele; it means alot. I dont share stuff I write too much. But I felt this fits friendship as well as anything else =)
    "I'll get you my pretties!"

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