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    Icon11 ♥Sweetheart Sammie's Poetry♥

    Hey Everyone!
    I wrote two poems. And I want your opinion's on them (:
    If you don't like them I don't mind if you post.
    (; If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to post some!

    True Defining Love ~ My Original Poem
    My mind drifts towards the thoughts of you,
    a thousand time's a day.
    You're always there within my heart, You always know the way.
    A constant Craving Deep Inside, I need you O' so much.
    To look into those brooding eyes, To feel your gental touch.
    It's the mere sound of your voice that makes my spirit soar.
    It reaches far into my soul down to the very core.
    You haunt my dreams through every night.
    A vision do intense, an apparition.
    So sublime no possible defense.
    You are the love of my whole life, Such Joy I can't recall.
    You are always remaining my Everything.... My all.

    Okay the next Poem I don't have a name for But it is a original poem by me (:
    So If you have any sugestions please feel free to comment below

    My Original Poem ~ No name yet Lol (;
    Love is like a friendship caught on fire.
    In the beginning a flame, Very pretty, Often hot and fierce.
    But still only light and flickering.
    As love grows older, Our hearts mature.
    And Our love becomes as Coals, Deep Burning and

    Thank you for taking your time to read this! (:

    ~♥Sweetheart Sammie♥~

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    Default Re: ♥Sweetheart Sammie's Poetry♥

    They are great poems , good job :3

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    Default Re: ♥Sweetheart Sammie's Poetry♥

    Quote Originally Posted by Maryie View Post
    They are great poems , good job :3
    Thank You (:

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