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    Default The supply Teachers

    Hi, this my very first thread VPI! So anyhow, this is a translation of my journal story, 'cause my journal story was french. Okay,

    Chapitre Un
    We have a normal class, a normal teacher- well if you consider her normal. My name is Emily Mont Blanc. We try liven things up, seriously our class is quite silly- though considered normal. So today I awoke to a bright sunny morning, seven A.M. I packed up my school stuff and walked all the way to school. My mother forgot wednesday was a school day. I entered the school, and trotted all the way to my classroom on the sixth floor. So I heaved dropping my my stuff down at my desk. "Hello, Class. My name is Mme. LeChat," said our teacher. What? Her name's Mlle. Dumont! "Oh no, another supply teacher!" whispered Lizzie. The teacher was dressed in a neon pink hockey sweater and pink ski pants, her hair was died Lavender, neon green, navy blue and lemon yellow.

    That's all for now. I'll continue Chapter One later.

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    Default Re: The supply Teachers

    Hm, no one's read my story? Oh well, I haven't even finished chapter One.

    Continuation of Chapter One
    Our class stared in complete awe for a few minutes until Mme. LeChat finally said,"Let's get to this schedual Mme. Dumont has given us! Okay number one, Paint the desks and chairs in lemon yellow, neon pink, lavender, navy blue, periwinkle and brown. Let's get started!" She bounced over to her rather large purse and pulled out six cans of paint. And, about 120 paint-brushes. And then we painted for about two hours straight. we were a total mess! Lizzie and I had ponytails and Madeline had bangs in which had been drenched in paint. I think the paint was hair dye. The Mme. LeChat said it was time for instrumental music class. So we took out our instruments. "Nope," she said and passed us pieces of blank paper and told us to make instruments. We all struggled with this task. At lunch she told us to throw our sandwiches out the window, then gave us all bowls of tofu, cherries and carrots. We picked out the carrots and cherries to eat, then Mme. LeChat mixed the tofu with ice cream and made us eat, gross. I threw mine out.
    At lunch recess I checked the schedual,
    Dear Mme. LeChat,
    This morning the class will be drawing chairs and desks, then painting their chairs and desks however they want. I have red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, white and black paints in shelves at the back of the classroom. For lunch they must eat their sandwiches then if they have time they will take out their journals and write about their dream lunch and the most disgusting lunch they've ever eaten. Then after lunch they'll write in their journals what they'd do if they had a car. Then we have math, some science, and oh hm did I forget the rest? Just do these.
    So I already had a good idea of what was happening this afternooon.

    I write more later... In every chapter there is one story of a supply teacher.

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    Default Re: The supply Teachers

    Cute story.. missing some punctuation making it hard to read sometimes but overall a good job.

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