{The Sun}

Tyrandia and Lysta,twin sisters,have the best time of their lives. Never been out of Eversong Woods except for business trips with their dad,Lor'themar Theron. Listen as Lysta tells the story.

Chapter 1

Sun shining,dragonhawks flying,a perfect day for Tyrandia and me. Except for the fact we couldn't go outside Eversong. Then Father yelled our names,right in the middle of my perfectly good story-telling.
"Girls,would you like to taste-test a chocolate cake?" Daddy said. Tyrandia and I jumped up and down and ran to the kitchen.
"Chef Celana! Cake? Test? PLEASE!!!" I said,and smiled.
"Sure,one second..." Chef Celana said,but we were already eating the cake.
"Mmmph.... smo good... I wove mit..." Tyrandia and I said,stuffing our faces with chocolate cake.
"CHOCOLATE CHIPS?! ITS HEAVEN!!!" we yelled. Daddy walked into the kitchen,turned his head sideways,looked at Chef Celana then us.
"By the sun goddes,what happened?!" Daddy demanded. Tyrandia looked at me and I knew what she was thinking,so I said,"Well,you asked us to taste-test. And that's what we're doing. You didn't raise us better,so its really your fault," I said and grinned.
"Oh,my," Chef Celana said and picked us up,taking us to the tub. It was already filled,and she dumped us in it while wearing clothes. The water quickly turned a chocolatey brown.
"Chocolate water! Yum!" Tyrandia said,and almost drank the water until Chef Celana stopped her,I giggled. Celana pulled us out and sent us to our rooms to change clothes and dry off.


Trayanise continued chasing her enchanted robot across the Royal Quart. Tyrandia and I looked at each other for a moment and screamed "GET TO THE CHOPPA!" while running and getting into it. Tyrandia got to *sadly* drive.
"GO FASTER! THE OLD LADY IS PASSING US!!!" I said,and put my foot over the gas peddle.
"IIIIII'MMMMMM TELLLLLINNNNNNGGG DAAAAAADDDDDYYYYYYY!!!!!" Tyrandia said as we flew over ramps and ended up at the Shepard's Gates.
"See what you got us into?!" Tyrandia said,and pulled at her red hair,mine was blonde.
"Guard,can we use a dragonhawk?" I asked one of the guards,he nodded. Igrabbed Tyrandia and we jumped on a dragonhawk. It didn't take long,we landed infront of the palace.
"Lyst! Tyra! How are my little fel gems?" Auntie Olara said,opening her arms for a giant hug. Tyrandia and I hugged Auntie Olara,but sh squeezed us to death.
"No air... going black... goodbye world," I said and Auntie Olara let us go.
"Well,its dark. You should go to bed,I'll see you in the morning,girlies," Auntie Olara said. And we raced off to bed.