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    Default Stuck At It (Poem)

    I always get stuck
    Doing the same thing
    Wishing i had luck
    To get away with that something

    I'm always stuck
    Being In Love
    Not a buck
    Could make it Go

    Being alone
    Or being awake
    Point is...
    Its still the same

    Having to be gone
    Or stuck at this place
    Waiting to be shown
    But i've been faced

    Have you ever been stuck in love?
    Not being able to get yourself out?
    Looking for someone to save the day?
    But you always doubt

    Look at the her face
    What do you see?
    Its not true
    Could it be?

    What it is
    Is something great
    The power of love
    At every place

    What i'm stuck with
    Is not getting apart
    But its not ruining
    My mind and heart

    See the sparkles
    See the sand
    Look above you
    Where there is no land

    Wait for something
    But its gone
    That wont happen
    With this one

    I'm always stuck
    Being in love
    Not a buck
    Not a trove

    Not the sun
    Not the moon
    Not a day
    Could make it go
    Wishing it won't go away
    But wishing it will
    A confusing story
    Yet my heart has fill

    Look at her face
    What do you see?
    This is love
    Not glory
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