Part 3 of the MyLittlePony series :P Read and enjoooooi

~Rainbow Dash felt the redness creep up onto her now sweaty cheeks. She had missed so many goals so far she doubted the powerful looking team manager would help her. But she had to try. If they lost this game, her chances of getting back to Ponyville were ever farther.
She summoned up more of her courage and sped to the ball, her fast blue wings arched to speed up the flight. She landed right on the ball and smashed it with her hoof, watching as it headed towards to goal. It zoomed past the defenders and hit the goal net with a satisfying swoosh.
Rainbow Dash lifted her hooves in triumph. A minute till the end of the game, they had one point more than the red team, and she happily grinned. Her teammates ran to her smiling. The red team on the other side seemed angry at their loss. Was it such a big deal, RD thought?
The manager walked to them with a grin. "You did good," he said.
"So...Ponyville?" the blue pegasus asked, eager for answers.
Lifting his black expensive shades, one eyebrow lifted strangely. "I wish I could help, but I really was desperate."
Rainbow Dash slumped, her wings lowering. She had never felt more disappointed in her life.

~Fluttershy turned around and saw a lovely young woman with a ranger uniform standing above her. Her brown hair was tied into a ponytail, swishing gently as she cocked her head in question. "Who are you?"
Fluttershy dipped her head in absolute shyness. Twilight had always tried giving her spells that would have a remedial effect on her shyness, but none of them seemed to work; it was the root of her name as well.
"I'm sorry," the young pony immediately apologized, stepping back as she let her long swaying hair shadow most of her small delicate face. Her features were soft, her eyes tipped in an innocent way. "I'll be going now."
"The zoo is closed for now," the ranger explained, hands on her hips. "But if you help me feed some of the rabbits I can let you go without a word."
Fluttershy perked up. She new how to take care of rabbits (or any animal, really) just fine; she had a small white pet bunny at home she named Angel. He had quite a temper, and her friends feared it he took the benefit of the doubt from her, but she still loved him plenty.
"Sure," she said, her soft easy voice raising a bit. "I'd be glad to." She and the ranger walked off to another exhibit, where stubborn looking rabbits were running around.

~The rope threw over the air heavily and landed on a pig's neck, getting tightened snugly but not so it was uncomfortable. Applejack gave a "yahoo" of glee. Wrangling up animals was her specialty; the farm back home was too familiar with this work.
"I see you've got used to this," the woman said, her denim overalls crisp and lightly wrinkled with dirt sprinkled on her knees. "Why don't you harvest some apples? Now that you've roped in all the animals, I can pull them in."
Applejack nodded. "Why, this won't take too long at all!" She trotted to the large hill of apple trees where some were shiny red, some where bright green, others golden yellow. "This ain't gonna be hard."
With her strong and experienced hind hooves, she positioned herself facing away from the nearest tree, let out a backwards kick with huge force, and let the apples drop onto the ground. She dragged the woman's apple bucket nearby with her teeth and let the fruit fall into the basket.
She continued and continued, doing the same until she met the last one of the hill. By now she had filled ten wooden bins full of delicious large apples. She took one with her hoof and bit into it, the juicy drops falling down her chin. She released and chewed on the morsel. "Why, these are almost like tha ones back home!"
The woman came by. "Thank ya," she said. "Now all I've got ta do is model some denim outfits for the animals at the Seaside pet shop. Ya mind modeling some fer me?"
Applejack stopped chewing, her eyes wide.

~Twilight sat, quivering under the uneven patch of bushy grass as the guards neared their grass clippers. He was about to close in on the sticking-out area when it didn't move at all.
"What the..." the guard inspected the clipper closely, seeing the hinges were rusty. "Ugh! What did I tell you about leaving this in the rain?"
The other guard lifted his hands in defense. "I didn't do nothin', sir."
The guard sighed. "We'll have to go all the way to camp and get some more. You stay here, guard while I go." The large ogre-type thing walked away, his armor clinking softly as his large feet in metal boots stamped the ground.
Twilight let out a relieved sigh as the hot air from her mouth gently blew her pink, purple, and indigo hairs. This unicorn was still safe. She picked herself up as the guard turned around momentarily, and she dashed out of there. "That was close," she breathed.
While running, she saw a figure pop out of the next corner. She tried skidding to a stop, but ended up colliding into the creature.
As she picked up her head and rubbed her sore bruise, she realized it was a frail looking child with a branchy arm with leaves sticking out. The person had light pink skin and bedraggled hair, with large docile eyes that seemed extremely curious. Her body structure seemed very weak and fragile. Her delicate fingers traced Twilight's face. "I'm sorry," the child said with a whispery, almost silent, voice.
The purple unicorn stared at it. "Who are you?" she asked, her horn still spewing sparks, even though she had stopped trying to use magic long ago.
"I'm Lumfall," the sullen girl said, "I'm a Changeling. People think we're strange creatures. But I'm just looking for my friends..." she paused, a slight whimper to her voice. "We were playing hide and seek when I got lost. Can you help me?"

~After frying fish after fish of meals with the weird creamy tan batter, Pinkie's arms were a bit sore from lifting so much from such a long period of time. The chef let her serve the food at the counter while he grilled more salmon and served tuna salad.
"Pay attention!" he snapped, making her turn to a waiting man. "We can't lose any customers! This cafe is successful and we're keeping it that way."
The sun of the nearby beach poured at her face and she uncomfortably squinted as the man spoke. "I'd like a fried fish sandwich, fish chips, and some ice tea, please."
She tiredly nodded and grabbed a plate for the food. As she placed the food onto the tray, she heard a woman ahead talking to a group of children.
"Alas, it was thar! The huge ship wasn't a match for me, though. I shouted, 'fire!' And the cannons on the side of me pirate ship burst, the black cannons blasting into the side of the other ship, the wood cracking and the sound of victory abundant on me ship. We cheered and drank much root beer that night."
The story of the pirate lady's story intrigued her much, but she didn't forget her job. She slid the tray forward and collected the coins from him. She dropped them into the register and turned to the chef. "I quit," she simply said. Now that her spunky and cheery mind thought of it, why was she even working there?
Eager to meet the woman, she dashed out of the cafe, her pink mane and tail bouncing happily as she did her joyous little jump-gait she always used.

~Rarity headed for the directory of the world eagerly. When she got to it, the large board revealed the place she woke in wasn't just a town; it was an entire nation!
Her thoughts raced, a knot forming in her stomach and her heart racing. What if she could never get out again? What if she never met RD, Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and her precious Spikey-Wikey ever again?
Her thoughts racing against her logic, her mind swimming with nervous questions, she tried focusing on her main mission. As soon as she checked the map however, the title "PIXIEWOOD HILLS" caught her attention. It sounded fabulous, just like...just like the humans' Hollywood!
Free Realms? Was this the land she was trapped in? It mostly made sense now, so she rubbed her head. If she could make it to some place...
The map of Seaside also caught her attention. It looked relaxing and like a utopia. The urge to visit the beaches overtook her. "I'll just check it for a bit," she promised herself. She read the description of the Warp Stones;
The last name caught her attention. She grinned and ran to the Warpstone just ahead of the street of shops. She stepped inside, the blue magical glow surrounding her small white body, and it warped her away, a blinding assortment of colors blurring by as she watched happily.
Finally landing in an area, she grinned. She was now in Seaside.