The second installment of the MyLittlePony inspired series :D Please read the first part to understand the events in here. Enjoy!

~Rainbow Dash's voice cracked even more from being under pressure. The man in front of her looked powerful and intimidating; she definitely didn't want to mess with him.
"I'm Rainbow Dash," she said, a slight tremble to her voice. "Um...I'm not sure how I got here. Do you know of a place called Ponyville?"
"Ridiculous," the man said. "As you can see, my team is playing short; one of our players got injured. I could help you if you fill in the spot."
Rainbow Dash's beautiful red eyes widened with curiosity. A pony playing soccer? It wasn't common at all, in fact, it wasn't even rare. She had never heard of such a thing. But if it would help her find her friends and get back to Ponyville, she would oblige.
The man let her through the gates and she quietly trotted to the blue team's tent, where a small jersey and cleats were waiting on a crate. He stood by the entrance. "Fit those on and get on the field," he demanded.
Rainbow Dash reluctantly slipped the shirt on and decided to leave the cleats off; ponies didn't wear such things. She walked outside and dashed onto the field, eager to show her speed and skill.
The soccer ball swished at her, everybody already acknowledging her participation in the game. She clenched her teeth and raced at the ball, kicking it hard and watching as it landed onto a red player, on the other team. He smirked and gave a thumbs up.
She stamped in frustration. This was going to be much harder than she thought.

~The little boy chased Fluttershy, eager to pet her soft baby pink mane, but she ran as quickly as she could. The forest animals trailed behind. How had she attracted so much attention so quickly?
Without realizing, she had run so far whilst following the animals, she had made it to another place with a sign that read "PETTING ZOO". Inside was a long path that twisted and twirled around multiple exhibits which had animals inside.
Fluttershy eagerly peeked into the entrance of the zoo. She caught sight of a billy goat enclosure, a bear cave, and a duck pond. The animals were so cute! She was sure she could befriend them easily.
Trotting inside, she quickly ran to the nearest exhibit; the billy goats. The goats stopped and stared, wondering, is this measly pony my lunch?
She gave her best smile and quietly informed, "My name is Fluttershy, and I'll be your host today." She loved to 'roleplay' with the animals; it was fun and they didn't seem to object, except maybe for the usually uncomfortable cats she met.
"I heard you needed--" the cry of a billy goat stopped her as she nervously looked at it. It was a baby, crying from the odd situation. Who was she? it seemed to cry. Before she could calm it down, a voice struck behind her--"Who are you?"

~Applejack froze in place, straining her muscles to stay quiet. The pig didn't stop crying, so she nudged it with her hind hoof for a moment.
The farmer lady walked in, wiping the dirt from her gloves and looking around. "If you're in here please come out, I promise I won't hurt ya." This lady had the same accent as Applejack, if not thicker.
The orange pony with yellow hair stepped out, looking slightly ashamed. "Ah'm sorry for all tha' ruckus, please, I reckon y'all are gonna kick me out now...but I'm not surprised. Sorry."
The lady stared at the young pony who had three red apples on her outer thigh-no, it was a picture of three red apples. "Who are yew?"
"Applejack," the pony replied, dipping her hat respectfully. "Ah also reckon this here is your farm. Ah'm mighty sorry for bargin' in."
"It's of no problem," the woman replied, "though I do need help with these darn animals. Could If you don't mind wrangling some pigs. I'd let you go easy if yah do."
Relieved at the chance to redeem herself, Applejack nodded and grinned. "Ah'll do mah best, ma'am." Applejack stepped out of the dim barn, took the circle of rope the woman handed to her in her mouth, and prepared herself for a lassoing time.

~Twilight's futile efforts for escaping the labyrinth using magic were in vain. She was still trapped down in the bushy maze, her face sweaty and dirty, her mane unkempt and frizzy, her unicorn horn still spurting useless magical sparks.
She squeezed her eyes once more and madly kicked the cobblestone ground. How could she possibly get out if there wasn't any exit, and she couldn't use her magic? Was there a strange entity that prevented her use of spells?
The rustle of leaves made her freeze. Around the last corner appeared a bulky guard with a major overbite and poor dental hygiene, carrying a sharp spear and upon his head a unique helmet. It had red horse hair poking from above.
She clenched her teeth. She wasn't going to be caught this time. She ran around the corner quickly, eager to escape the new obstacles who looked deadly enough, even without a spear, considering their large calloused hands. Twilight ducked beneath an uneven patch of leaves and hoped they didn't come near.
"This looks bad," one guard said out of the two. "We ought to trim it before somebody sees." He lowered a set of grass clippers and prepared to latch down on the patch. Twilight felt beads of nervous sweat falling down her forehead. What would happen if she were caught?

Pinkie Pie stared quietly as the chef at the counter asked her. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" The woman on the other side looked impatient as she waited for her grilled salmon.
Pinkie gave an awkward smile and scrunched up her shoulders nervously. "I'm Pinkie Pie," she said, noticing the chef's strict reaction going down. "Um...I'm from Ponyville. I don't know how I got here."
"Whatever," he mumbled, sliding a delicious plate of cooked fish to the woman who exchanged with a small bag of shiny gold coins. "Just help me cook or I'm reporting you."
Not wanting to know what reporting meant in this world, Pinkie quickly nodded, grabbed a spatula, and prepared to cook a fish. She only knew how to bake pastries and such. How would she make up a batch of fish?
The chef sighed and took the spatula. "You, into the batter line," he said, pointing to a large metal machine with a bowl of yellow mixed batter inside. Pinkie peered into the bowl curiously. Was it cake batter? No, it didn't smell right.
The chef quickly walked over, dipped a raw fish inside, took it out, and set it on a pair of french friers to fry. "You just dip and set," he said, repeating the action, taking another raw fish and letting the batter coat the food. "This is for fried filets."
Pinkie nodded and hoped she wouldn't make more first-day mistakes.

~Rarity tentatively stepped inside the costume shop. Behind a desk near the back of the shop was a human, with black spiky hair and sharp features, like fat almond eyes and high cheekbones. He was tall, and he was loading the register to make sure it was ready for the day's customers.
"Hellooooo?" Rarity asked in her most elegant and cute voice, "Do you work here?" He reminded her an awful lot of Spike, the green and purple baby dragon of Twilight's back in Ponyville.
"Do I look like I work here?" he quickly replied, his hands on his hips. "If you're not going to buy something might as well leave."
"I need to know the nearest town directory," Rarity said, not wanting to get her hands dirty with the barely serious costumes around here. If she were going to work in a clothing shop, it had to be fine cloths.
"It's near the archer on the corner," the man replied, his left eyebrow shooting up strangely. "Hey, I've never seen a pony look like you. What breed are you?"
She was flattered by his observation, but she quickly realized it meant she wouldn't fit in well with this strange world. Rarity quickly ran out of the shop, searching for that darn directory. If she could find that, she could be well on her way out of this freaky world and back to Ponyville.