AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is for MyLittlePony fans, Bronies!! :D If you don't watch the show, the references here won't make much sense to you, so I suggest find another story.

~Rainbow Dash woke with a startle. Where was she? Her rainbow tinged hair was damp from sweat. Her wings twitched slightly from the mysteriousness of her location. She was on a grassy area, no idea where she had been. The low sound of cheering had awoke her.
What was going on? In front of her and to her left was a vast forest expansion. To her right was a noisy arena; soccer! The game humans always mentioned!
But why was she there? Either way, she picked up her hooves and looked around. Dirt caked one of her hooves. She spent a minute digging it off as she inspected her surroundings. Upon examination she noticed many people sitting in bleachers, two on each side of the large field they were watching. What was so exciting about soccer?
She walked to the gates of the field and peered inside. There was a team on both sides, one player with a red vest kicking the ball strategically. The crowd was roaring wildly. It sure looks like fun, she thought. But she could never play soccer. Her hooves would stumble in front of her and she'd trip easily.
It wasn't until a large hand shook her shoulder when she stopped looking. She whipped around, seeing a large man above her, with a gray striped suit and sunglasses. "Who are you?!" he boomed.
Rainbow Dash gulped.

~The small yellow pony shook her head, the leaves and dirt tumbling out of her long wavy pink locks. Her hair was disheveled. Around her was a simple field, scattered with bushes and trees. This place was strange.
Fluttershy picked herself up and looked around. Nobody was near except bunnies and deer and squirrels, hopping around curiously.
The animals crowded around her and they started nudging at her. "Um...could you please...stop?" she quietly asked. She had never been very assertive; at least, that's what all of her friends told her. But this would be ok; she was a pro with animals.
She petted the bunny delicately and it hopped onto her lap, rubbing against her belly happily. The animals here were cute. A sign nearby read, "NOW ENTERING LAKESHORE."
What was Lakeshore? she asked herself. She was extremely confused. But she followed the squirrel out farther, until they reached a large lake with a system of connected docks. They were wooden brown. Some humans were around, fishing. She thought she saw a small person with wings buzz by her, but nobody seemed to notice her.
"This is...weird," she quietly commented. A nearby duck quacked at her happily, which turned the heads of two children.
They ran to her eagerly. "Mommy, look! Pony!" Fluttershy braced herself, bringing her hooves to her face in defense. "Oh, no, please don't do that..."

~Applejack opened her eyes. In front of her was a large barn. This is random, she thought to herself. The large barn was red with wooden plain doors and windows. To the left was a crop farm, with vegetables sprouting from the ground.
This definitely wasn't Sweet Apple Acres. Where was everyone? The only person she saw was a young lady in blue denim overalls, pulling a stubborn onion from the ground. And she didn't know where to go, either.The rest of the vast area were hills; with a cobblestone and dirt-encrusted path going to the left of her. It led to Celestia knows.
She straightened her brown hat and slipped into the barn, seeing chicken and pigs inside. It was dark; hard for her to see. She could only tell it was a strange place with animals inside; just like the big farm they had in Ponyville. But what to do now?
Before she could think, a fat pink pig with mud-caked sides bumped into her, swishing her ponytail as it made loud sounds in alarm. She flinched. "Hush," she whispered to it, "or yah going to get me in trouble!"
Her country accent was barely heard as the large barn door creaked open, the light pouring through once more. The woman farming from earlier had come!
"Who's there?"

~Twilight's head hurt. She picked herself up from the dirty ground and looked over the place. It was a huge grassy maze, the walls constructed of thick bushes. The leaves offered no mercy as she tried peering through the maze wall. The plants and roots had woven themselves together tightly to eliminate any chance of cheating. And the sky was a purple and black color, like a gigantic monster had punched it and left a grape-colored bruise; along with grayish storm clouds.
What is this? She asked. She tried opening a hole in the large tall hedge, but her unicorn horn came to no avail. It spilled out minor sparks, but no magic came. She concentrated harder, hoping a smidgeon of sorcery would come through- it didn't.
Twilight squeezed her eyes shut. It's just a dream, she told herself. Around the corner, she hoped it was an exit out of this weird labyrinth. But it wasn't; it was just another condescending corridor of strong and tall hedge bushes. This strange area had betrayed her, smothering her one last hope of escape. If only she could fly like Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy (even though she was aware her shy yellow and pink friend wasn't the best flier in Ponyville, or even Equestria for that matter).
She galloped once more across the hall of grass, meeting another corner that turned her automatically. The farther she went, the more lost she became. She wanted to scream in frustration. But Celestia had always reminded her logic and magic were the only ways.

The sound of somebody calling her woke her up. Pinkie Pie instantly popped open her eyes, her pink frizzy hair bouncing as she shot her head upwards. Where was she? This place was strange. Around her was a bustling beach scene, humans walking in and out of blue oval tables.
She was standing inside of a small cafe kitchen, a chef serving a woman with fish sticks and a fish filet burger. He had a red and white checkered apron with a large poofy chef hat. Pinkie herself appeared to be standing in front of a stove. OOOOOH! she thought. "Confectionary!"
But who had called her? She had no idea. The man at the counter, now serving squid and rice in a plate, didn't seem to know her at all. In fact, he didn't look like he had acknowledged her once. But it didn't really matter; her random outburst had been dedicated to the fact she could now cook! Like cupcakes and cakes and cookies and pies and tarts and sweets and rainbow bread (R. Dash's favorite) and peanut butter sandwiches (which Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake, the kids she babysit, LOVED) and --
"Hey!" the man shouted, looking at the happy hot-pink colored pony. "Who are you??"

~A pony with a lovely purple mane and a white body woke up suddenly. Noticing her tail wasn't as perfect as it should be, she immediately set her thoughts on cleaning it! She used her hoofs to fluff it up back into place when she looked around;
Rarity stared in awe at the place around her. She was standing in the middle of a street, on a cobblestone road as she watched the busy shopping center move constantly around her. Humans and fairy-like people darted around with quick feet/wings, carrying several shopping bags at a time. Some had designer sunglasses and relaxed flip-flops, others had stylish summer dresses or light khaki pants with a Hibiscus flower shirt.
Rarity looked around once more. Most stores were open. Some were bakeries, others clothing stores, and some she didn't know. What were...crafting supplies?
It seemed easy to figure out, but the movement and action of the scene she stood in was overwhelming. It was like a humanish Canterlot! Her eyes and smile lit up at the thought of her very own beloved cherishing city, the place where the most posh of ponies and fancy of fanatics stayed. Restaurants decked with chandeliers, streets paved clean with new paint and swept daily, pony's clothing new and fresh, it was nothing but sophisticated.
This was almost the same, except with possibly more pizzazz and less citizen strictness. The ponies in Canterlot were very picky of the things they wore and the words they said, while here it was more relaxed and laid back. The store she stood in front of was no other than a costume shop!
Though she wished she could've randomly and mysteriously landed in a more stylish clothing store, this would have to do. Within a peek of the shop's doors, she saw stands that held silly Nightmare Night outfits--or what humans would refer to constantly as Halloween. The outfits here were downright ridiculous; at least to her. There was a milk costume, a pizza and carrot outfit, a hot-dog resembling was strange!
Rarity's head hurt just looking at it. If the weird clothing scared her, she couldn't imagine how this bustling world would.

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