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    Default The Story of Moonpaw part 1

    Hey it's me ( Moon Paw1 ), I know this might sound crazy but no one knows my true life story. . . and well I thought heck why not tell the true between this story and me. So here goes my life story.


    I didn't realize it but I was a small kit from a shadow clan. I didn't know my parents, some say that they were killed when I was out exploring. I didn't know what to do I was scared and confused. So I ran away from my clan and trust me I regretted that. I was running from everything until. . . . I ran into an Eclipse clan cat. Hiss this is Eclipse territory she said. Please I am just a kit I have no where to go Mewed . Well I can't kill a kit, I am Nightshade. I am Moonkit ^^. Well Moonkit, Where is your clan? I don't know nor care Moonkit said. Hmm... follow me ok she said. Ok. so there I was walking with an Eclipse warrior, I didn't know what to see or what I gotten into, all I knew was I couldn't go back to my old clan. What do you have here? Meowed a gray she-cat. I found a lost kit I couldn't just leave her said Nightshade. Well That is true, but next time don't go running off finding lost kits! I won't I promise... Nightshade said in a low voice. Well Come on then lets go back. What of Moonkit? she asked. She can come too. I am Mistyleaf...meowed the gray-she cat. I am one of the Med cats here in Eclipse. Welcome to our camp ground . I looked around there were thorns, vines, water and caves were the clan cats can go to and through. I was so happy and excited but still scared. Still it was nice enough for these clan cats to accept me. Let all clan cats know of the gathering tonight came a loud meow. I turned to look up and see a large tom cat standing on a rock. We need to tell all clans FoxStar meowed A black cat. Very well . . . we will all go to the gathering said FoxStar. Night came fast like a fox. . . by the time I knew it, it was time for the gathering. It was my first gathering I have been too. I saw so many clans and cats. Hey Moonkit! O.O' Huh? oh hi Nightshade. Lots of clans and cats tonight she mewed. This your first gathering? Yep I mewed. Well stay away from Darkmoon clan... They can be pretty mean. I looked to see a dark black cat. Well come on then meowed Nightshade and Mistyleaf. That was the first time I came to a gathering and I meet Nightshade and Mistyleaf. I wondered what would come next. ^-^

    End of part 1 plz write comments and cya in Free Realms XD
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