"Leila over here!" I heard a voice call. I spun aroung to see my best friends Lilly Fuzzywoods, and Opal Elmsword. "Thank goodness you two ride my bus!" I almost yelled as Lilly in front and Opal in back told me to sit in between them. "Wait a second.... I though 'Mr. Domo' rides our bus." Lily commented. "Weird." Opal said. I though through what he had said to me on the last day of Elemantary school. "Oh Ya!" I started
"I remember now, Chad or 'Mr. Domo' said he was going to be gone the frst week of school." I finished. "Well do you know why Leila?" Lilly questioned. "Good question nope I don't. I'll text him and ask." Opal mumbled. 'He's always busy though, I don't know if he'll reply, before we get to school." Lilly said bitterly. "Speaking of school who do you have for first period?" I wondered. "I have Mrs.Halmon" (Out of story... Ok If anyone has that last name or somone they know does I only did it for the story) Lilly replied. "I have her too!" Opal said happily Who do you have Leila?" Opal questioned. "I have.... Mrs.Heather." I sighed. "I have her for third period." Lilly said. "Me too." Opal sighed. "You two always get the same teacher!" I yelled quietly. "Well look were pulling into school." I said sort of happyish. "Ya!" Lilly and Opal said VERY happish.

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