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    Icon1 The Story of Leila: Chapter 1:

    I am Leila I live with a mom, that's it. My dad well let's just say he's gone. I hope to be a famous singer one day. But I'm no where near that now. I like pancakes and whip cream. But I'm alegic none for me, "Mom, can I take pills so I can eat whip cream?" I yelled downstairs to my mother ,"Leila, for the last time they don't make pills for that." She answered, "They need to." I whispered to my dog Rose. Rose is a little Bostin Terrior. Small. Cute. And perfect for talking to. That night I had a dream that I was famous. Everyone knew who I was, "Thank you Lady Ga Ga." i said to her in my dream. "Yes of course you can have my signature!" Then right before the fans started sreaming my name as I walked on stage.... BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Of course. I though, my alarm clock goes off right as the good part of my famous dream.

    Thanks For reading! Remember thats only chapter 1! my next post will be Chapter 2!! :-D
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    Default Re: The Story of Leila: Chapter 1:

    haha cool!

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