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    Default A story i had to make for school.

    Ok i made a story for school and got a 98% on it. Im just going to post like three paragraphs of it right now. I'll add more later. So here it is.

    It was a normal for me, Erin, Carla, Jack, and Dale. We were walking to our favorite place to hang out. The meadow we found six years ago and we have been hanging out there ever since.

    We all have been friends since preschool. We also have special necklaces and all of them have a gold chain and a different color amulet. Erins is blue, Carlas is green, Dales is red, Jacks is yellow, and mine is purple. They symbolize us being a family made only out of friends.

    We were sitting in the meadow when it started raining. Then Erin said, "Just what i need. Something to mess up my hair and make-up. I wish this rain would just stop!"
    Thats it for now. If you guys like it i'll put more in.

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    Default Re: A story i had to make for school.

    Very Nice, I'd like to read the rest.

    You won't find me on FreeRealms anymore. If you want to meet me in Mabinogi, my IGN is Svanett & I'm on server Alexina.

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