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Title: A.. Story?

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    Default A.. Story?

    This Is a story ment for VPI Only. Its just a goofy story, and I'll probally write about a page per day, and a chapter will be around ten - twenty Pages long.

    .:Chapter 1:.
    .:The Scene:.

    "The Large Great Dane stepped Into the room, sniffing the ground. "Yup, Its Defiantly A Murder." The Dane barked, Looking straight forward. "Now Now, Calm down boy." The Owner huffed, Pulling the leash back that Kept The large Dane Restrained. "Oh, Oh, How do you know that, Huh?! How do you Dane, how do you!?" The Barn cat Jumped around the Dane. The Dane grunted, His nose sticking to the ground as well, his eyes spotted out Something. something Awfully Peculiar. The Dane barked, His eyes set on the Drawer that was slightly opened. Barking madly, The Officers walked over, pulling the Drawer open, there was Blood stained clothes, Blackmail notes, and a dagger with It. It was rusty, and old. The Drawer smelt vile, and there was some gloves contained In a bag. "Perfect.." The officer muttered." The Old dane spoke. "Did that really Happen?" The Puppies asked, cocking there heads slightly. "You betcha It did." The Dane spoke, His head raised high and Proud. "Now Now, you're not getting carried again with that old story of you, are you?" The Retriever stepped Into the room, her Golden fur shining as the Corgi puppies began to giggle. The Retrievers name was Celia, and the Dane's name was, well, Dane. Just to keep things simple for the officer. Now this dear Reader, Is not about the story of the Corgis. Dane, Or Celia. It's a story about One Small Chihuahua.. who change's the world forever.

    (due to the fact that I can only write one chapter, when I write more then one they just ... don't fit In, I will be starting a new story...eventully.)

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    Default Re: A.. Story?

    Nicely done! Keep it up (:

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    Great Story Flablo!

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