(I'm not used to writing from a boy's perspective, so bear with me in the mean time, okay?)
Chapter 1
I will never forget the day I learned the truth.
It was a blisteringly hot day in Sunstone Valley. My friend Jason and I were spending some time in the roadhouse. Being one of the few nondwarfs there, I felt awkward with my wings. The roadhouse was full of bikers. Jason and I weren't devoted to it, but we found it a fun treat once in a while, and besides, we were good at the repairs. At least we were dressed like the others: buckled jackets, firm boots and either incredibly tight or rather wide legged pants. I looked up from my glass of Sunstone Sarsparilla when Jason nudged me.
"What is it, man?"
"Chase, you haven't noticed? Over there, in the corner with the green jacket." I glanced over, quickly sweeping my blonde hair back for a better view. In the corner was another biker pixie who I didn't know in the least. She had her jet-black hair tied in a firm ponytail, and was dressed loosely in all green: green jacket with a skull for a decal, green pants cuffed at the edges, green combat boots, and green gloves. She seemed to be watching another corner, but I couldn't tell.
"Newcomer? Why should I care?"
"She's a true biker, what with comin' here and all that. Let's see if Pete knows anything." Jason whistled the dwarf over. He couldn't fly, and was stockier than us, but I envied his beard. Bearded pixies could not exist.
"What can I get you? Another round of sarsaparilla?"
"Yes." He filled out glasses and carried on.
"Y'know, I'm too bent up to get the oasis water, what with all the Sandscales rebelling and whatnot. Half of this drink coin is goin' straight to that gal in the corner you were staring at a minute ago." I'm curious, but I keep it calm.
"What's her name?"
"Angela. Half of the Sacred Grove homecallers recognize her in half an instant. Later, boys." Wheelie Pete moved on. Suddenly, Angela got up, and followed a pair of bikers out the door.
"I'll be back in a minute."
"I....think I might've left the thing running." Convincing Jason that I'm fixing my bike, I slip out and follow Angela's strange actions.