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    Icon3 Sleepless-A FR story by Softballlove19(3-4)

    Chapter 3.

    I awoke in a chamber, in a cage. I saw Daisy tied up. "Don't worry girl, we'll get out of this." I reached for the pocket knife in my back pocket. I took it out and picked the lock. I went to Daisy an cut her loose. I snuck her slowly through the cold, dark, narrow hall ways of the Chamberlings chamber.
    I heard so snorgling around the corner. I put my finger to my mouth towards Daisy. Thank Goodness I pack archer stuff with me I thought to myself.
    I quickly changed and held out my fire bow. Waiting for the target eagerly. Two chamblerings appered and I blasted them. "And an other one bites the dust." I said smirking. I heard more snorging coming from the other direction, and fast.
    I climbed on to Daisy an rode staright threw the hall ways. I found myself in Blackspore. The creepiest place of them all. I rode as fast I could, ignoring the horrible swamp smell.

    I rode to the farm, it was just dawn of the morning. I rode into the farm an got off of Daisy, making sure not to wake any one, I put her up and took off her sattle. I snuck out and ran to the house.
    I opened the door and didnt dare to look up. For what I found was my mother, arms crossed, looking down on me.
    "Roxy Carter Bay. An where have you been? You missed dinner and never came home!" A lump arose in my throat.
    "Well you see-" She cut me off. "An are those Archer clothes? Oh my goodness Roxy, again? What did I tell you about messing with those bandits and robgoblins. Its not well for a young lady to be fighting." I stopped my mother. "Mom, I was just at greenwood forest with the Chuggawug Archers." She shook her head. "Them? Hunny, they drink like crazy people, or whatever they are." My mother always liked to stick with the humans. Had one pixie friend and thats all she would allow herself. She was really missing out.
    "I'm sorry, I won't do it again." She smiled down on me. "Good, now go fetch the eggs and then you can get some rest."

    I walked out the door an ran back up the farm. Finding Tamara in the coop. "Oh, hey there Rox." She smiled towards me. "Tamara, morning." She itched her head. "Why you acting so starng?" I shook my head. "Oh I'm not the strang one. That would be you. How dare you ask out-"I was all over Tamara, has a nice speech worked up. My finger was poking at her chest and she was getting scared. (Archers outfit must have made me even more scary to her) Until Josh walked in, milk buckets in both hands. He placed them down.
    "Well, well, well. Whats going on?" I backed off Tamara.
    "Nothing, just getting eggs." I took the eggs an walked off, not looking back at Tamara nor Josh.

    I placed the eggs on the table and ran to my room. Pulling off the Archer equipment and pulling on some sweats a t-shirt. I laid in my bed, thinking of all the adventures I could have, adventures waiting for me, if I just got out of this house. It left me sleepless.
    But I could never leave home, or Josh.
    Or could I.....?

    Chapter 4.

    I awoke to darkness outside, I rubbed my eyes and looked around my bedroom. I sat up an opened my window, sneaking my way out.
    I walked off to the farm. I saw the barn door cracked, and light peaking through. Typical Josh. I thought. I snuck my way to the door. I opened it up, to find Josh all gitty-uped. Candel light an table. I smile went across my face.
    "Oh Josh, you didnt have to do this for me!" He had an awkward look on his face. "I didnt." He said to me. I laughed. "Yes you did, look at all this. Man, I didnt even know and I am not ready." He went to say something but I heard her.
    "Josh?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned to see Tamara. In a dress, hair up, and make-up on. "Hey Tamara." Josh said. "Tamara...?" I said looking at her then back at Josh. "I did this for Tamara Kid." Josh went to grab my arm while I backed away, but I pushed him away. "Dont bother ever talking to me again." He smirked. "Gonna be hard since I see you everyday." Then, it hit me. "That won't be a problem." I ran out in time to hear Josh yell. "WHATS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN?"
    I ran home and grabbed my bag. I found all the clo"thes I needed an stuffed them in. I grabbed all the money I had, which, like I said, I dont really have a penny to my name. So, not much money.
    I through this all under my bed.
    "Leave at crack of dawn, where to, Blackspore." I said outloud. Wondering why Blackspore? Well, all kinds of work there. I even heard they had a housing system for the run away workers. Its perfect. An when I get enough money, I'll move out somewhere small on the beach. Forget the farm girl life of Do this, Do that, Be a lady. I'm ready to get my hands dirty, an I'm not scared to do it.
    It's time for the story of my life.

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    Default Re: Sleepless-A FR story by Softballlove19(3-4)

    Sorry made it short...but its kinda a short story so

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