So.... The server realms are offline right now so i have to wait to farm the new Kraken world boss. And WoW ptr servers are also offline. And I really don't have anything better to do. So today I'll be writing a random bad story, by your's truly, Tech Geargrinder. Here's the thing, I didn't see any rules about making a parody of books and how people have reacted to them, so that's what I'm gonna make. So.. Yah...
The characters in this story are not only solely based off of certain real people. Rather, the characters in the following story are made up. highly exaggerated takes on how I view people in a certain part of the Free Realms community as a whole. With this in mind I would like to state that this story is in now way meant to offend any people, rather it is simply the impression that said part of the community presses on me. I am in no way associated with Erin Hunter and own absolutely nothing.

Dawn of Drama Clan, Chapter 1.

A cool wind blew, ruffling the fur of the cats and shaking the leaves on the nearby trees. For a moment things were almost peaceful. Almost.... The two large groups of players on cat mounts still stared at each other, eyes full of hatred. Yowls still pierced the air. And reality TV could still make a fortune off the whole situation. "YOU STOLE OUR LAND LITTER CLAN!" shouted a particularly dramatic "cat" standing in the left group. "NO! YOU STOLE OUR LAND LEAFFUR!" screamed another cat who was standing in the right group, which was known as Litter Clan. "You did NOT just shout at my clanmate that way Bristlepelt!" screeched the biggest cat of all, who stood in the left group. "OH YES I DID KITTEN CLAN!" retorted Bristlepelt. And then all out war broke out between the cats. Now the land they were fighting for was known as Drama Fields. And Drama Fields happened to be right smack in the middle of the most popular trade route on the continent. As it was, a young adventurer named Leroy Jenkins was currently transporting a caravan of chicken through these very fields. When Leroy came upon these people sitting on tigers, his first though was that they must be some kind of strange tribal cult. As it turned out, that's what these clans were known as to the rest of the continent. Sighing, Leroy decided he would try and break up the fight. "Wow wow stop! Just stop!" he shouted. "And who would YOU be?" questioned Bristlepelt.
"Just a traveler" Leroy responded. "You mean you're a rogue?" commented another cat. "No.... I'm a traveler" said Leroy. "Yah exactly, he's a rogue!" said Leaffur. "Wow wait, who are you guys anyway?" Leroy asked. "What's it look like? We're cats!" Bristlepelt roughly responded. "No... You're just a bunch of people riding tigers...." said Leroy, starting to believe that these people were delusional." In the end, Leroy realized that he best move on and ignore them. After all, the cats had DECIDED to place their "land" in locations that would quite obviously overlap and create quite an amount of arguments.