one day in blackspore out of the swamp a shadow ninja named charlie newtown attacked a stray archer who just stole 5000000 coins. he quickly knocked him out. then. took him to the mushroom caverns and hid him. eventually he was taken by a policepixie for trial. he was guilty so he went to jail for 10 years and had to pay a fee of 35000 coins and had to cook for sanctuary for 3 years with no pay.the shadow ninja met some other ninjas in a battle against trolls
. then they met a rogue warrior named axefist olaser. he went to snowhill to attack the food supply and capture steele. then he went intoa cave where citizens were partying. he tied them up and took them to nogg the cruel. charlie newtown went and defeated nogg. with a slice of his sword nog was runnin like crazy. then charlie newtown found the rogue warrior and captured him and was sent to prison for 10 years with a fine of 10000000 coins. justice was served and the day was done. peace was restored to the land of free realms.