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    Liv Guest

    ..:*♥*:..The Secret life of a Princess..:*♥*:..

    Hi everyone! I'm writing a story about a girl who's been forced to live as a real girl. Here's the list of the characters:

    Aivi: The Princess, she loves being her pretty self, but isn't stuck up. She's a bookworm and loves exploring, but when her kingdom starts to go bad, everything isn't the same for her. (Played by me)

    Mother (Miranda): The Mother of Aivi, she is very much like a regular person, for she was when she was younger. She tries her best to take care of Aivi, and lead her on the right path.

    Father (Tony): The leader of the family, he doesn't take care of Aivi as much as he should, but with his schedule there is barely any time.

    Okay Guys! I'm going to write the prolouge and see what you guys think.


    "Amen," said Mother finishing our lunch time prayer.

    "Loves," said Father. "There is something I need to tell you."

    "Yes, Father?," I replied.

    "The Kingdom is slowly going to vanish, we're going to flee."

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: ..:*♥*:..The Secret life of a Princess..:*♥*:..

    Hmmmm, sounds like a hook to get us interested. Now I want to know why is it going to vanish

    Write some more!

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    Liv Guest

    Default Re: ..:*♥*:..The Secret life of a Princess..:*♥*:..

    Thank You, I'll write more soon!

    Chapter 1:

    "But Father, How?," I asked in shock.

    "King George, of The Southern Kingdom, has a plan to take over," replied Father. "We will be fleeing to North America"

    "But Tony, that's so far away from here," my Mother stated. "Couldn't we go to Asia?"

    "They aren't just taking over Europe, but they're taking over Asia as well," said my Father as we all went into shock.

    This was bad. I couldn't imagine living in America. There aren't any Castles to live in there,just houses and trailers.

    "But, there are some things you need to know," said Father. "Your Grandfather lives in California, in a nice sized house. He's quite wealthy, and said he'd love to have us."

    This all seemed to be happening fast. Too fast. Just Yesterday, we all thought we were gonna stay here forever. I guess some things just change.
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    Default Re: ..:*♥*:..The Secret life of a Princess..:*♥*:..

    That's really good. I want to read more about these guys now. What is their lives going to be like? WRITE MORE 4 SURE!

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    Default Re: ..:*♥*:..The Secret life of a Princess..:*♥*:..

    Hmm seems pretty interesting ^^
    <-------I made that. X3

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    Default Re: ..:*♥*:..The Secret life of a Princess..:*♥*:..

    That's really a pretty good start. I like it a lot. You should keep going.

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