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    Default The Sandsea ((Chapter 1-3))

    Author's Note: Rawr. Hope you like it! <3

    The Sandsea
    Chapter 1

    Sitting up,I looked around the area. Sand,rocks,and more sand. Suddenly,I saw a pile of three rocks.
    "Hello?" I asked. Nobody replied. I stood up,grabbed my satchel,and began to follow the piles of rocks. After walking for awhile,I saw a village. The village's houses were made of a clay brick with a piece of wood as a door or curtains. It was like a ghost town. A man walked out of the inn. Tan skin,black hair... pointed ears? He could've been a sandelf. I guess he noticed me,because he walked up to me.
    "Geni Crim? Is that you?" he asked me.
    "Uh. I don't know. I don't have any memory..." I answered him. He picked up my hand and took off my glove. I took back my hand.
    "Ah! It is you!" he smiled.
    "I'm Zhoom. Lets go into the inn. I'll tell you more," Zhoom said. I have to admit,the name was funny.
    "Well,who am I?" I asked after he sat down at a table.
    "You're part of the Rebellion,Queen of the Elves,and Mistress of the Shadows," Zhoom said.
    "Nope. Don't believe it. Not one bit," I said. Zhoom laughed.
    "How do you explain the tattoes that resemble a Mistress of the Shadows? And your ears,they're pointed. You're queen of all elves. I suppose I should explain a bit more?" he said. He seemed lost in thought. I pulled off my gloves,wristbands,and helmet. Placing them in my satchel,I heard Zhoom say "Aha!".
    "What?" I asked him. He pointed at my ears. I felt them,they had a pointed end.
    "You were in a search party with a few of the other rebels and I. The elements attacked us,taking the others prisoner with I along. I suppose they left you to rot in the desert,"
    Zhoom explained. I sighed. He shook a finger at me like an old man.
    "I'm leaving... This is stupid. Completely,absolutely stupid!" I yelled,and left.
    "Wait! It isn't safe!" Zhoom said. I was out of the inn and back in the desert. Alone. After walking for awhile,the village turned into a small dot. I could hear footsteps behind me,but I just ignored them. Probaly Zhoom.
    "Well,missy,give us your gold or we take it!" I whipped around to see a bandit,dagger drawn. I could see a scar across his eye.
    "No," I said plainly. He lunged at me,slashing across my plate armor and only leaving a scratch. This time,it was more effective and my left sleeve,glove,and wristband.
    "Give it to me. Now," he said again,his breath smelt terrible.
    "You need a breath mint," I said,smiling as sweetly as possible. He backed me up against a desert tree. He grabbed my satchel and opened it up.
    "I beg your mercy,Queen Geni!" the bandit cried. He fell back down to the ground. I yanked my satchel from his hand and pulled him up. ( He must've seen my crown in the satchel. )
    "What is your name?" I asked him. I thought it'd be a funny name like Zhoom's.
    "Austin. Now let me go back to my camp. You've embarresed me enough,Your Highness," he said.
    "Or you could join me," I said. Turning around,I heard him say,"Is it my choice?" I said a simple ''Yuppers'' and heard his footsteps behind me.
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