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    Icon8 sad poam (this is true)

    Hey...i wrote a sad poam which really happened if you can help plz do i can give you a bariwood pupler hat,shirt,GLOVES,pants,and boots and all that just for traveler pants p.s the poam is in blue (for sad)
    the rain is falling
    the cloulds are trunning
    stealers are coming
    taken my stuff
    romoving everything i worked on
    and distring every one's heart
    where is hope
    where is love
    i need more
    then just won
    can you help
    a persons need
    thats all i want
    and i garinty
    ill give you what you need
    whatevers your choie
    whatevers your life
    ill give it to you
    and for yours
    'just to be
    the rain is falling
    the earth is crying
    the tries of rain and thunder
    can someone help
    plz for once
    i need someone to help
    i want my shorts back!
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    Forget your past. Right now, You're in the future. You may feel pain, or hurt, or suffering, but you should never go down. Unless you allow yourself to. ~K.K.

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    Default Re: sad poam (this is true)

    O_o sad.... YA

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